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Opportunity to publish my literature review!

In my Community Medicine and Seminar Series course I had to write a freaking monsoon of a literature review that pretty much dances around my capstone research project. 126 more words

Effective employer mentoring

I have just produced a new paper for The Careers & Enterprise Company. It addresses the subject of employer mentoring. The paper sets out a literature review which describes the strength of the evidence for employer mentoring and sets out a model for effective practice. 140 more words

Week 23: 18th- July to 22nd July 2016

Pokemon Go effect

Is Pokemon Go play? Depends on definition. The activity is transforming space and time, creation of an alternative reality with temporary nature. It has clear rules to follow (structured play) but to a degree self- directed as player can choose his route and where to go. 2,368 more words


The Chilling Power of Ambiguity in Supernatural Horror

We all love a good horror story. There’s something very primal about congregating around the storyteller, and feeling the hair on the back of your neck prickle as of something supernatural has brushed past you in the dark. 1,729 more words


Strange Flesh: The Use of Lovecraftian Archetypes in Queer Fiction – Lovecraft and Sex

Authors Note: This is part of an ongoing series. Click here for Part 1.

“When I was six or seven I was of course curious about the allusions which I did not understand in adult books, and about the prohibitions imposed by elders upon my conversation. 1,746 more words


EURO award for the best survey paper 2016

Our paper Multimodal freight transportation planning: A literature review received the EURO award for the best survey paper on the recent EURO conference in Poznan (Poland).  84 more words