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Transgender employment

Okay the last article I read annoyed me so much that I wanted to try to find something more reliable.

Leppel, K. (2016). The labor force status of transgender men and women… 1,479 more words

(Trans) gender pay gap

I saw this exchange on Twitter that got me curious:

@liz_vickers: To my mind Liz, that’s not the biggest problem. Consider the gender pay gap. If ‘women’ contains a whole load of people who were never socialised to take a back seat, who will never go on mat leave, that gap is going to close nicely.

2,893 more words

And After Many Days

Title: And After Many Days

Author: Jowhor Ile

Publisher: Tim Duggan books


The book traces the Utu family in PortHarcourt, Nigeria. The setting of the conflict period is 1995. 560 more words

Sound Rounds: US-Guided Subclavian Cannulation

Welcome to another edition of Sound Rounds (finally)! This morning (well, Tuesday morning, when I started writing this post…), we had the pleasure of Dr. Kevin Gurysh (our current EUS fellow) teach us a new technique of placing a subclavian central venous catheter under ultrasound guidance. 404 more words


Two papers on Service-oriented Architecture

The first paper will be based upon a literature review, where I will make use of various sources on service-oriented architecture. SOA was on the pinnacle on the hype cycle af few years back, but it has changed since and to some extent it has proven to be an architectural pattern that can be used efficiently when using organisational and in particular technical matters. 68 more words


"The Tiny Wife" and the Realism of Fiction

Sometimes, books don’t follow rules. Sometimes books do whatever the hell they want to without following any sort of convention. They just do it because why not. 745 more words