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Triangulene: a highly reactive form of graphene

The original article is here. If the previous blog post is any indicator, graphene and its alternate forms are majorly popular in the field of materials science and engineering. 210 more words

Materials Science And Engineering

The Girl on the Train

Hmm. People were raving about this book, and I’m not really understanding why. It’s okay, like a 3/5 – it’ll probably be a great movie (I’ve hated some books and loved their movies) but the plot is slow, fairly predictable, and there are a few characters that take up space and serve no purpose. 223 more words

Rice Labs Develops Graphene Foam

In this article here you can read about Rice University’s graphene foam. Today I will go over the basics of graphene and its material properties. I will explain how its chemical structure creates such high strengths and speak briefly about the article. 160 more words

Materials Science And Engineering

A Review: Part 2

The challenge for this week’s blog post it to find, annotate, and review three articles from anthropological journals. For obvious reasons, I have selected articles I think will be pertinent and helpful to the writing of my final paper for this course which I discussed earlier in the blog post “Reflections on Archaeological Theory” published here. 1,713 more words


Article review: "Articulating an Occupational Perspective" by Njelesani et al (2014)

This article investigated uses of the term “occupational perspective” in order to clarify a standard definition for use in occupational science. This should make it easier to apply occupational science research findings in practice, the authors argue. 685 more words

Occupational Therapy

How to Write an Undergraduate Essay Like a Master's Student: Part 3

Literature Review:

Now that you have all of your research collected it is time to write up your Literature Review. A literature review, will not be required for all research papers or by all professors. 231 more words

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Relatively hyperbolic groups

Hyperbolic groups have all sorts of nice properties—they have linear isoperimetric inequalities, solvable word problem and conjugacy problem, are biautomatic, and so on. Two prime motivating examples of hyperbolic groups are fundamental groups of closed hyperbolic manifolds on the one hand, and free groups on the other. 2,767 more words

Geometric Group Theory