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Appropriate Terminology On Dissertation Help

A dissertation is a document or long essay on a particular subject based on findings and research of original author and is submitted for an academic degree or diploma. 947 more words

On the development of technological 'aids' for study purposes

When engaged in my ‘Learning Developer’ role, the look of incredulity crossing students’ faces when I reveal to them that during my first undergraduate year there was no Google, no Wikipedia, that I handwrote my first essays in fountain pen (with corrector-pen aid) does make me chuckle.  761 more words

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Literature Review

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A creative industries definition that recognises commercial intent (WIP).

Talk about the  term “creative industries’ seems to inevitably lead to questions of definition. And those questions lead to more questions. And before long, we’re in a world of confusion. 708 more words

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Book of the week: Counting by 7s

Lately, I’ve been binge reading books and I figured I might as well make a fun hobby out of my obsessive reading. I figured I’d pick the book I liked the most during the week and post a review. 1,004 more words

Shaping the circle

Resource efficiency has been presented as the idea of decoupling economic growth from resource use and environmental impact. Circular resource efficiency solutions, therefore, are value propositions that reduce resource use and environmental impact by implementing strategies that close the material loop for technical materials, such as maintain and repair, reuse and redistribute, refurbishment and remanufacturing, and recycling or to improve the biological cycle by implementing strategies such as cascading, extraction of biochemical feedstock and composting. 447 more words

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The starting point, or not: product service systems

Product service systems access-based economy, where users get the functionality of a product rather than the product. Product service systems have been defined from different perspectives, including engineering, business and sustainability. 436 more words

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