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the missing guitarist

“A second melodic instrument is indeed needed with a drum and flute. A plucked bass would not have been bad, even in purely visual terms, but bass players were always hard to come by, even in those days, so we undertook an eager search for the missing guitarist. 65 more words


Enoch's Heart Speaks

Father, Father, I sigh
In the presence of Your Kind
And it happens every time
That you look me right in the eyes
Catch a glimpse of Paradise… 166 more words


Three Hybrid Pieces by Wilna Panagos

Three Hybrid Pieces


Wilna Panagos

duck days

a landscape of language. a syllabary. words visiting hot countries, poor tired words loved by the sun, and words like water. 1,310 more words


entitled itself capital

But it* reached its real height of monstrosity when, concealing its identity under an assumed name, it entitled itself capital. Then its action was not limited to individual incitation to theft and murder but extended to the entire human race. 27 more words


HORIZON by Vera Zubarev  



Vera Zubarev

 Your mother was not allowed to touch the horizon.

“You may look at it, if you want to, but you cannot touch it,” your grandmother told her. 1,790 more words

Creative Writing

On Long Form, Collective Unconscious, and Light in August

Reading Light in August by William Faulkner makes me pine for long form, the craft of the long sentence or the novel. The book is emblematic of a genre of American literature beginning to delve into the theme of collective unconscious narrative voice, especially slave narratives and African American voice. 351 more words