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Porthole: A Raspy Word

“I’m Eliza, pleasure to meet you, Artie.” She noticed his cheeks turn a little bit red as she turned down the street, her steps rattling in the empty morning. 373 more words


“I’m busy. Come back like never.” –Primo Abategiovanni (New OC)


The Idea of the Enemy in Aeschylus's The Persians

“However, you can be sure that so great a multitude of men never perished in a single day” -the messenger to the Persians (line 432). 393 more words


The Literary Significance of American Civil War Poetry

Note: I do not include my works cited page to impede plagiarism. Please inquire via email or the comments section for a detailed citation.

he poetry of the American Civil War has long vexed and disappointed critical readers.The poetry of the period is often read as politically propagandist, or as Civil War poet Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt remarked on hearing the First Battle of Bull Run in her 1861 poem “Hearing the Battle,” as “fiery words of war” (Piatt 332). 5,166 more words


Old Feelings 

​When I see you

My heart still flutters

When I hear you

My heart jumps

Being with you

Is like reading a good book

Each time… 27 more words




Feet up,
Head back,
Music on,
Life intact,
Tall dreams,
Ready for vacation,
Bank account growing,
Tensions all gone,
I don’t need to black on anyone, 43 more words


Words and Feelings

Words behave the way you feel

Furtive look of subliminal feelings

Influences the soul of messengers

Cavorting across the mind for a while

Impatience cannot be held for long… 40 more words