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Nevada smells like

locally brewed Hefeweizen, and a hint of orange

rosemary and sagebrush in the sandy desert wind

kitty fluff

cinnamon apples and wine roasted on an open fire… 13 more words

untitled 10.14.06

I am earth. a womb in this present darkness that receives the seed of life and serves time  which is quiet  that which all but heaven can project.


Books Acquired Recently

Auden, W.H. Selected Poems. Ed. Edward Mendelson. 1979. New York: Vintage, 1989.

I have been meaning to read Auden’s poetry for years now, and have often thought about buying a book of his, but for various reasons it didn’t happen. 343 more words


The couple

Novels were written about it
Poetry composed on it
Asperation built upon it

The couple
I find you act so subtle
You are as one… 103 more words


Chapter 21: The King of Freaks

One day after his confrontation with a kaji yosei, Hector sat trapped in a rush of new recruit entrance exams. It was twice as many people as usual. 1,708 more words


Captivating Covers or I make strange buy choices

The first thig anyone sees when they look at a book is the cover. Sure, you buy a book because you find teh story fascinating, or because you know the author and have been waiting forever for their new book to arrive, but if you are just browsing a cover is what motivates you to actually take that book in hand and look at the summary. 610 more words

The Library

Thoughts on "The First Thanksgiving"

On this American Thanksgiving Weekend, I wanted to reflect on the “First Thanksgiving” in 1621 in Plymouth Massachusetts with the newly arrived English 50 surviving “Pilgrims” and about 90 members of the Wampanoag people, and in so doing, explore its meaning in historical context, and what it can tell us as a Nation today. 2,857 more words