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How's Life

Well life
is, at the moment,
absolutely gorgeous


a swan among geese

‘They are all so busy playing the ugly duckling,’ cried Ursula, with mocking laughter. ‘And I don’t feel a bit like a humble and pathetic ugly duckling. 38 more words


Poem 'The Blue Sweater' Published in The Honest Ulsterman

Recently, my poem ‘The Blue Sweater’ was published in the latest issue of the literary magazine The Honest Ulsterman. The poem has been with me for many years, and it’s an honor to see it in such an interesting magazine. 98 more words


Book Blogger

As an avid reader, I’ve read so many books and I’d just like to keep up to date of all the books that I read so far. 156 more words


In The Name of Barabbas, Amēn.

while I am proud of my work this ebook is more of a teaser compared to what I have in store for the finished, polished, physical product. 93 more words



Not many know this, but Gautama, before being the Buddha had an encounter with Mara, the temptation. She came to him in the shape of a tiger, of a vibrant blue colour. 466 more words