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The Forest's Secret Chapter 12

Drops of water fell from the ceiling and splashed to the ground. Stalagmites and stalactites grew from every corner. The girl’s footsteps echoed throughout, she was now in the cave. 184 more words

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If your soul is as gloomy
As the moon in the evening,
And your heart as dark
As the night without light, 37 more words

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The calendar said it was November, the third month after the start of fall, yet I seemed to ignore the time for it feels as if it was still summer. 263 more words


Book Review: The Book of Broken Hearts

But to look at him now, doing his Spanish accent cowboy impersonations for Emilio and talking about those missing flange nuts and which part goes where… How could someone so whole and alive be shriveling up inside?

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And here I am again to my favorite spot, at the corner of the house where it’s cozy and warm. The place is the same as always, yet my emotions that it cradles differ in every day. 271 more words