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Jie Tian

“The moment when a feeling enters the body is political.” -Adrienne Rich

Feelings well up in the Women’s March
Feeling mauve, Santa Ana, I grieve for the broken river bank
        the homeless  an ancient rage
        —the thirst to kill  the drive to war

Feeling angry at the deceit in the inauguration address—
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Storytelling: Creating a Monster

Monster is a word that is often left for the goliaths and the behemoths; a word that can incite fear in even the bravest of soul. 1,055 more words



They Are As Sick Who Surfeit


They are sick that surfeit with too much, as they that starve with nothing.

– William Shakespeare – 40 more words


Close The Door

Hi! Friends.

If there is anything which keeps you reminding about your failures every time at that time you must leave that way which is a constant source of your troubles. 245 more words


The chronicler of temporary people

Abu Dhabi-based Deepak Unnikrishnan has created a stir and wowed global readers with his debut novel, Temporary People, which tells the story of expatriates in the UAE in a fresh voice. 2,772 more words


Such Small Hands (Book) Review

It would be very hard for me to go in too deep on this book because it’s very hard to define. It’s stunning though; macabre, fascinating and eery as hell. 273 more words


It is Balance We Must Come Into

We seek inwardly to ourselves perfect
Working to elevate our energy
Erasing patiently every defect
Which by keen self examination we may see

Remedial of sloth, we try to find… 393 more words