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Bookish Bilbao

Hello Book Lover,

A couple of weekends ago I spent a glorious couple of child-free days in Bilbao, wandering around seeing the sights, eating wonderful food and drinking an awful lot of wine. 576 more words

Ode to a lonely harp

Carved out of this sordid, withered fits of passion,
A doleful tune let me play, let me bare my bosom,
How I bent my paths to hers, sought living our secret illusions… 169 more words

English Poems

When Breath becomes air

Imagine looking down the barrel of a gun, pointed straight at you, waiting to squeeze the life within to push you to an unknown realm – a horizon of possible serenity or a pinch of melancholic gloom, but surely dipped in an essence of being forsaken; the barrel being that of a gun named CANCER. 298 more words


We'll not meet in rain

Tonight this ancient heart of mine again realises
We’ll never meet – two of us – in rain
And rejoice the drunkenness of our love… 116 more words

English Poems


Here, the eyes see no boundary
As I lie a lonely heart – dry and fatigued,
Here, clouds play adolescents
Full of life, but sad like a doe wounded.

English Poems

My absence will find you

If your imagination may allow you, amid sighs
Of a wintry dusk, recall how you were silent in tears
Or hummed a line or two in gloom, in fears… 85 more words

English Poems

#18 Opposition

The eighteenth short story in the Evolved Energy Series.

“Dad,” Wyatt began to ask as he chewed on the end of his pencil. “Do you think you could live in the desert?” 784 more words