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Well, I said a while back that I would republish Eric Ambler’s essay from The Penguin Film Review 9. But can you read it? If you click on the pics, or hit enlarge or embiggen or something? 71 more words


The Role of a Trickster in Trickster Narratives

The Trickster (Loki, Coyote, Maui, and others) “The Trickster,” Myth and Knowing: An Introduction to World Mythology by Leonard McClure 1) “Tricksters and Shamans,” 199-208; 2) Trickster Myths, samples: select any from Coyote, Ma-ui, Prometheus, “Po Pandir, or Daddy Moron”; “Raven Steals the Light”(World Mythology) Topics: the role of the trickster, trickster as hero/anti-hero, trickster as creator; comparisons of tricksters and their roles. 32 more words


En nuestra casa no había puertas que cerraran correctamente...

… por éso nos mudamos.

Había una que reparó el restaurador. Un hombre que apareció un buen día y tal y como había pasado ya una vez des de que mi madre… bueno a mi madre, hasta que no llevó una año en la residencia no se la podía considerar: viejecita; pero una cosa era segura, con los años empezó a dejarse impresionar… 807 more words


What is History? (E H Carr)

E. H. Carr’s book from 1961 helps us to understand the limitations of history and the questions with which historians (should) struggle. Unwittingly, it provides a reading guide to historical works. 783 more words


Foreign Beauty

To the beauty on the other side of the sea
Is there a chance that you could ever fall for me
I’ve daydreamed and written poems for you… 81 more words


Anyone who thinks fairytales are “binary narratives of good and evil” obviously hasn’t read a single one.

But I’ve noticed that majority of people, when they think of fairytales, they think of Disney – or those other contemporary companies that make animations. 49 more words


these days

these days, without you,

wasting breaths meant to be kisses,

squandered caresses, lost moments of yearning desire.

these days, without you,

pilfering smiles meant to be hearty laughs, 15 more words

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