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The Deeper Rings of Grace

The soul does open wide its white wings, even until we are nearly drowned in the rushing outpour of its floodtides. The doors are blasted once more from their old and creaky hinges, and the sudden silver light full from the source of each highest dream, floods forward to eclipse the musty darkness or the dingy cell, in which we had tried to hide ourselves from the white light. 161 more words


A new micro moment

A new micro moment.

Our fast-paced lives leave little time to contemplate. These Micro Moments are designed to entertain in a few words, read them slowly and savour the essence. 88 more words

PwrPuffGzr Writes


The air is crisp yet underneath this smoothness are whispers hushed by the trees to prevent rain from falling.

The sun radiates warmly giving enough light to everyone even if the clouds cover the truth that at some point in time, reflection shall take cover and overpower it. 84 more words


#GivingTuesday - support a cultural institution

Today is #GivingTuesday. Since most of the cultural institutions are non-profits, please remember them when considering a donation.



Jesus and his disciples were walking through a cornfield on the Sabbath, and the disciples were hungry. Breaking off some of the heads of corn, they began to eat them.  379 more words


Our Own Wide Wings

Our anguish and our sorrowing, as well as our deep joy and our wise unerring will, are themselves the very stuff as are our actions, too, of angels who are present in our living, yet whom we might never see. 234 more words