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Ode to Demeter

I am the great traveller who comes in seasons

My warning is rung through pyres in all corners

My voice heard in valleys without gods… 70 more words

Prayer to the Land

Lightest is the joy with which you and I

Are embarking

The earth so kind with waiting arms, smiles

For us on arrival

The sights that we have overseen expand… 53 more words

What will the Eternal City bring me, after

Years of absence?

Thoughts Upon Her Twenty-Second Year

The seasons twist and in swift motions, gather us upon them

In the height of the world, we can see the trees

We can see the canopies whereupon we stand… 101 more words

The weather brings with it the change of winds

And people go and people sing

Oh, the people they have seen, they’ve seen

The worst of things… 98 more words

Mortal Songs II

My gallant knights surround me side by side,

As I decide that everything is as I decide

And they tell me to forget my past eyes… 94 more words

Mortal Songs I

The stars fall madly as I fall for you

And our lives are given recourse

Because now, we have an understanding of their briefness

And to want and to work until we die, but… 162 more words