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You will remember that leaping stream

where sweet aromas rose and trembled,

and sometimes a bird, wearing water

and slowness, its winter feathers.

You will remember those gifts from the earth: 66 more words


Knowing Your Passion

I believe we are all born with a passion; something that comes already hardwired into our being that gravitates us toward something in particular.

Others do not believe this. 586 more words

The Essential Solitude

In this present, when I am alone I am not alone, but always recurring as Somebody. Somebody is there where I am alone. Being alone means that I belong to that dead time which is not my time or your time nor common time but Somebody’s time.

125 more words

2 Days Until the Release of Alma Mater Vol. 2: The Northeast!

Eight days ago, I put out a post that asked readers, “When the word ‘series’ hits your ears, what comes to mind?” The answer for me is the realization that the project and the artist can either evolve or disappoint. 422 more words


Suffering should be creative

“As a rule I don’t like suffering to no purpose. Suffering should be creative, should give birth to something good and lovely.”

— Chinua Achebe, A Man of the People



Meu primeiro contato com o mundo dos blogs foi aos dez anos, quando eu criei uma plataforma virtual só para falar sobre (pasmem) os artistas da Disney. 163 more words



Part 2 for today.

You’ve been running circles in my brain.

I wish you’d leave,

Just like the rain.