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Gone in a flash!

“Must dash” said life

with a cheeky grin

“its not a sin is it 

to make you lose everything

It was fun knowing you when you’ve had a blast… 46 more words



Four months! The length of my last relationship! Not a long time, but long enough for it to mean something!

I have ignored this poor blog because college. 408 more words



summer abandoned me
winter adopted me
and now I live
in a cold place I call home
its frozen walls
hibernate my dreams
they wait to hatch… 40 more words


nervous, jumpy, dangerous

Much hostile and aggressive behaviour among animals is the expression of social insecurity. The animal in front of you must know where it stands, whether above you or below you. 61 more words


The Furnished Room

The Furnished Room was my first of O. Henry’s works that I have read. It is a bleak, creepy and unsettling little story that had me gripped to the pages from start to end.  236 more words

My Books

To Isadore - Edgar Allan Poe

I. Beneath the vine-clad eaves,
Whose shadows fall before
Thy lowly cottage door–
Under the lilac’s tremulous leaves–
Within thy snowy clasped hand
The purple flowers it bore. 243 more words

English Poems

So, What is Literature Anyway?

Literature – it’s one of those things you think you know, but when it comes to, y’know, actually defining it, it becomes less clear-cut. Then you think about it some more, and it becomes even less so. 689 more words