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write too

much to the

point of becoming

a word.

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from SILENCE LOUDER THAN A TRAIN.. 'You Are Too Pure And Free'

You are too pure and free,
I can tell by the debris
of relationships
that lock you into such a storybook
where everything else is a… 142 more words



Literary Erotica
by Lord Malinov

My love life is notorious. I’ve never been shy about my sexual experiences. I like to share the things I’ve known, found or discovered. 1,058 more words


10 Most Awaited Books to Read this April

When each day of the week feels like Sun-day and sunscreen become our favourite outfit, there is no need to tell which month of the year it is. 1,884 more words


Reading for rebooting!

How books can help us cope.

I began writing this blog in order to help non-readers find their trajectory into the world of literature. To help them explore the beauty with which writers express emotions using just those very 26 alphabets that you and I use to talk and text all day long. 945 more words

Asymmetry by Lisa Halliday

‘Asymmetry’ by Lisa Halliday consists of two seemingly unrelated stories which are eventually revealed to have surprising connections. The first part, ‘Folly’, concerns Alice, an editorial assistant in her twenties living in post 9/11 New York City who begins a relationship with a much older man, a Jewish author named Ezra Blazer who has repeatedly been overlooked for a Nobel Prize for Literature. 374 more words