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The small joys

“…Hilary enjoyed himself, just as he had enjoyed himself drinking the port. Increasingly, as he got older, he enjoyed things. As his personal humility deepened, so did his awareness of the amazing bounty of God…so many things…The mellow warmth of the port, the pleasure of the game, the sight of Lucilla’s lovely old face in the firelight, and David’s fine hands holding the cards, his awareness of Margaret’s endearing simplicity, and the contentment of the two old dogs dozing on the hearth…One by one the small joys fell.

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Review: Shatter Me Trilogy

Shatter Me Trilogy by Tahera Mafi

Where did I get it?

I got the first two off BookOutlet (If you haven’t checked them out go do so!) and the last I got for Christmas. 681 more words


The Host by Stephanie Meyer

I’m not a “Twilight” fan and had feared “The Host” would be another “Twilight”, but thank goodness I was wrong. You know how the rule is you’re supposed to read the book before you watch the movie, well I broke it and don’t regret it at all. 280 more words

Journaling Series: Day 2


I’m continuing with my journaling series. Today’s page looks a lot brighter and cute. I had another simple quote because I don’t really have time to get into some heavy writing today. 131 more words


New York,the only place, this dream will work

It’s the energy of the city, New York, that makes for smarter people.
You have to be quick.
You have to be on your feet. 119 more words


Happy Birthday Jane


Today is the birthday of somebody who’s accompanied me on my way growing up, somebody who provided me with hours of laughing, being thrilled, crying and hoping. 192 more words

Listen To Me Waffling

Billy Liar - by Keith Waterhouse

A bit about the author:
Keith Waterhouse CBE was born in Hunslet, Leeds, West Yorkshire in 1929. He wrote several screenplays
as well as several novels. 267 more words