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Mute Ecstasies of Summer

Sitting under the courtyard shade,
a block of dimmed rectangular architectural space
lays mildly cool;

Outside its precisely defined borders,
The sun seemed to have dyed everything… 61 more words

I Read Every Haruki Murakami Book in Just over a Year

Or; On Seeing the 100% Perfect Book One Mundane March Afternoon

In March of last year, I sat down on the sofa. What I was doing in that moment I do not recall. 968 more words

Sunlight for the Night

“A walk?”

“Yes. Sounds good.”

“I will take you to death, the tree I told you about.”

“What about life?”

“Yes, it is there too.” 274 more words


Book of the month - Daphne Du Maurier's My cousin Rachel

As the world of adulthood gets busier and busier as the days go on, taking time to read a good book sometimes goes out of the window. 421 more words


Veiling Vices' Virtues

A violin is set to play,

You are in this beautiful white dress,

Gloves creeping their way to your arms,

A hat hiding the flow of thoughts, 153 more words


Journal - Aug 19

Another ordinary day. Blood was not running that hard throughout the body. Did not read the newspapers in the morning, as they would have been full of crap that I had already read yesterday through apps. 223 more words


Anxiety of influence (Barry Hannah's "ideal inner voices")

The fact is I wanted to write long before I had anything to say. I don’t find this condition at all unusual in young writers, good or bad.

253 more words