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1. The Classroom

I entered the classroom with the excitement of meeting the new batch, unlike other professors I always waited for the young minds exploring the world of literature. 356 more words



The heat wakes me up early,

Torrid orange-yellow glow drifts in through the swaying, thin curtains.

The heat that wakes me up early is a kind of unknown warning. 81 more words


'The road not taken'

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite poem of all times.

I remember the first time I was required to read this beautiful piece of writing, by this amazingly talented writer, I was in the 9th grade English class. 203 more words



The light on another day

is extinguished;

yet I know

The sun will rise tomorrow.

You told me you wished

you could get those days back, somehow. 124 more words

Coffee Cups

Oh how very nice it all is
The bustle, the coffee cups and the shite talk
She doesn’t trust her boyfriend (if he is even that) 211 more words


The Pain Killer

Excerpt from The Pain Killer

Copyright 2014 by Stephen T. Dunker

Copyright 2017 by Stephen T. Dunker

Author’s note: ¬†Please excuse the confusing indentations at the beginning of paragraphs. ¬† 9,325 more words

The Route

There were college kids on the road. Some of the them in pale-blue shirts and dark blue pants and others in casuals. They were walking aimlessly to their college. 225 more words

New Writing