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Day Two . . .

After quite a restless night I was up and out the door ready for another day taming my friends abandoned garden. Progress was visible now, but there was still a lot to do, I would be working at it until winter stops play. 2,671 more words


Gardening Help

I’d been given the opportunity of reclaiming an abandoned garden of a friend who now lived abroad. It would be an all season job, the hedges and trees that needed cutting and pruning had been done; and for some jobs I had help two days a week from someone who loved the outdoors as much as me. 1,970 more words


A Chance Cafe Meeting

I had known him for many years and some time ago we had a relationship purely based on lust. He didn’t live round here so our paths never crossed, but when I heard that laugh when I was in a café in our local city, I knew he was back. 2,152 more words


Spring Sensations

Dew on the morning grass,
Reminds me of your wet,
Wild lips.
Shining in the morning light,
Awaiting my touch,
And Immoral. 36 more words


Waking Up

I was slowly waking up with a sensory overload that initially confused my mind. I could feel heat behind me, as I laid on my side, my back became receptive to additional body heat; I could feel slow breath in the nape of my neck; I became aware of how his legs were tucked in behind me, his body mirroring the lay of mine. 1,604 more words



Though the October storms had raged on for sometime, my inner storms had just approached the shores of apprehension.

Like the impassioned rustle of the fig tree during a stormy night, the music of the cracking crispness pleading the wind to go gentle on the roots, our bodies kneaded on each other while my insides wished for her to go gentle on this battered heart of mine. 484 more words

Eighth of March

It was the eighth of March,

He was so nervous his collar felt starched,

She entered the room,

His heart went boom boom,

As the sun began to rise, 46 more words