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keep sliding

I can feel how much you want to put your fingers inside of me by the way you are rubbing my leg with lotion.  it’s dark in the room, you’re 19 years old, I’m 37, it’s taboo…  my husband is in the next room…  but I know you want to push farther…  I can feel it by the pressure your fingers apply when they’re rubbing higher on my leg.   1,331 more words

taste me from the inside

how long?  so long.

too long…  too long since I’ve fucked…

too long since I’ve thrown my body into lust.

let go, let passion, let desire, let our fucking animal nature just take over… 127 more words

Post Holiday Slump

I fucking love the holiday season. Also? I fucking love fucking during the holiday season. For such a holy time it brings out the sinner in us all. 576 more words

Animalistic Punishment In The Chateau's Stable (NSFW)

Maxim walked briskly to the stable situated at the side of The Chateau’s Main Building. It was 5 PM and the sun was lowering in the sky casting cool shadows around the grounds, heralding the approach of early evening. 4,458 more words

Sex & Symphony

Everyone had their own sex tracks, correct? A playlist handy on the phone? Or possibly some have tapes, CD’s, a youtube playlist?

I know I do. 494 more words

Steps Become Echoes

“Nyctinasty is the circadian rhythmic nastic movement of higher plants in response to the onset of darkness.” -Wikipedia

My dreams are the shapes of morning glories, Gazania daisies, and California poppies opening and closing like moving art. 4,182 more words




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Ogres And Ogresses