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I Just Had The Sex I've Been Craving For Months, And I Can't Stop Thinking About When I'll Get More

He leaned over my shoulder and I could just barely smell his body wash, something young and enticing—mint mixed with musk. It made me want to rest my head against his chest and breathe him in. 1,246 more words

Like a Mirage

“Isolation is a way to know ourselves.” -Franz Kafka

It’s March 2013 and it feels like I am on a distant desert at the center of my own continent. 2,247 more words


The Good News is it Can Be Done Even If You're A Literotica Beginner- Aspiring Writers Only

Have you seen how many aspiring writers there are on the internet? Have you had a look at all of the literotica authors coming from multiple websites? 390 more words

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Collaborative Writing

Recently took a stab at a bit of mostly editing, some collaborating with an author literotica who liked my Church Girls blog.

Check it out if you are so inclined:  Church Girl Obedience


The Restaurant

Whew! I’m really bad at regularly keeping up a blog (and I see that’s pretty much how my last post started — whoops!)

This is a quick message to let you all know I have a new story online on Literotica. 99 more words



That is for those who want to please a man, it is not a lifestyle for everyone. It is a marriage. A consensual agreement, between, She who seeks to be dominated, from Him who seeks complete sexual submission to his will. 310 more words



“You cant be a brute.” You see Steve Jobs was a brute. Everybody knows this. But what was this Brute’s philosophy?” “Giving the world something they didn’t even know they wanted.” But the Brute and modernity are incompatible, yet even in these times, the woman wants to be “Taken,” “Swept off for feet,” all brutish behavior. 43 more words