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Filming my Fuckdoll - an erotic short story

I’ll be completely honest: I’m not much of a fan of DIY porn, at least when it comes to video. I can see the appeal of creating it: I’ve had more than one partner and more than one sexual experience that was so hot I’d love to commemorate it, or relive it at a later date… or even just watch to prove to myself that some of the wilder ones actually happened and weren’t just fantasies. 2,446 more words


At the cinema

“That will be 9 dollars thank you Miss.”

I handed over correct change and thanked the man at the ticket counter for my ticket. I don’t really know why I was going to see Zootopia especially since I don’t have kids but I had a few hours to kill before my date and I didn’t get into the big Multiplex very often. 1,413 more words



So 2013 will always the greatest year in my book! Business, money with success and a common day job selling IT software to the U.S. companies working from 1:30pm to 10pm. 1,032 more words


woe seduction

I’m in love and I don’t know how to present this

Your the reason, motivation and morale that brings

Me to my feet.

I want to show you the affection and I’m going to… 328 more words




“You heard me! Get your fucking head down!”

I push her head downwards. “Give me that thing!” I demanded, yanking a pillow out from underneath her face. 1,564 more words


Paper Orgasms: My Literotica

Paper orgasms? Are you sure you want to go down that path Michael?

You’re writing psychological thrillers, not literotica!

Why not include literotica in a story about love and murder? 285 more words



She stood with her back facing me with a lean stance in her black patent heels straddling over the arm of the sofa. She bent over the arm of the sofa flicking her hair as she rotated slowly to show her face with a vicious stare of arousing hunger and a lust for me. 497 more words