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Will the true Wonder Woman please stand up?

Life sucks… That is actually one of my deepest tenants. Whether you are a single mother with a special needs child. Or battling a life limiting illness (depression, autism, diabetes, cancer, MS, who cares they all qualify). 400 more words


Tease Torment

I kissed her face, pulled her away from the wall further and then slammed her body against it even harder. I enjoyed the sensation of the hot air escaping from her mouth onto my face. 263 more words


The Collar

NOTE: This journal is not about role play, in the club or bedroom stuff, where those are the terms…I am talking RELATIONSHIP, commitment and lifestyle. 848 more words


Why I Make Pancakes for my son's XXX...

My adult son that teaches in China is visiting for a month. He lived at home for almost a year between university and moving there to teach. 391 more words


'Baby' Doms...

So today I got a message on ‘that’ site. From a Dom. A 19 year old one. I know some people think ‘what the fuck’. That 19 years old and Dom are yet another set of oxymorons. 593 more words


On being a hero(ine)...

I write a lot about heroes…SEALs, Marines, doctors and every day people, who just stand up for what they believe. Lately I may have taken it a bit far when I dressed as Wonder Woman for Comic Con. 374 more words


Wonder Me...

Sorry that I have not been around much these past few days. I have been intensely busy. My son that teaches in China is home for a month holiday, which of course throws PanKwake’s routine off. 173 more words