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River of Dreams

“That was the dangerous thing about dreams-how quickly you became tangled in it all.” -Alexandra Bracken

I drive down the road I’ve taken once before, and in a matter of seconds I will see Ezra’s car parked in front of a house on the river. 2,909 more words


Magic Lessons part 4

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I was in complete awe. My face lit up, unable to contain my erotic excitement, and he saw the spark of pure, filth in my eyes. 903 more words


Magic Lessons Part 3

If you haven’t already then read Part 1 and Part 2

I sighed, impatiently grinding back against him, desperate to finally have that dick inside me and to be completely dominated by him. 788 more words


Magic Lessons part 2

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“This is my pussy, isn’t it?” He said, authoritively.

“Yes Sir” I gulped. 812 more words


Magic Lessons

He lay masterfully on the bed as I crouched at his feet, head down. I looked up at him
“Please forgive me” I pleaded for the umpteenth time in 5minutes. 491 more words


Chapter 32...what'd you think?

Hello gents and gentlelassies!

It’s your girl Stubborn here, taking a break from grueling code and school work to talk to my main humans!

So, as you know Chapter 32 came out August 1st. 149 more words


Door #19 - Slaves of Nassau (Blackbeard and Bonny III)

Story continues from Blackbeard and Bonny: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

By the time we make port in Nassau only three crewmen besides Blackbeard and myself remain alive. 3,838 more words