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Happy Thanksgiving: 2015!

Howdy ya’ll.

Are you rushing about trying to get last minute things done? Staring at a family member as they tell the same story they’ve told since the ¬†beginning of time?

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Fluffy Oversized Robe . . .

The cool air made me shiver as I opened the door, with my hair wet, small cleavage showing in my oversized fluffy robe loosely tied at the waist, the berry colour of my toe nails glinting in the sun, his eyes appraised the view before him; almost embarrassingly in slow motion, viewing me top to bottom, and back again in silence, eyes lingering at my cleavage . 1,799 more words


A story about drugs and hookers [part 2 of 3]

November 6, 2015 – Friday

I was lit out of my mind and decided to go to a massage parlor in Ontario (15 minute from where I live). 726 more words


LARP Me...

I spent this weekend with a friend doing what he calls…running around the woods with geeks hitting one another with plumbing supplies. The proper term would be Live Action Role Play. 429 more words


Confession of a Filth Seeker (requested)

Some insights into sex addiction

Jessica was always relieved when there were new people at the meetings, it confirmed that she wasn’t a freak and that others shared her weaknesses. 2,237 more words


Thoughtful Thursday....

Today we explore the very nature of submission itself and get inside the mind of a sub.

Myth #1 – Subs are weak.

Nothing could be further from the truth. 760 more words


Shower Pleasure . . .

My brain had been challenged all day, because this morning I was able to take delivery of my new toy, but work had kept me busy and unable to even open the package. 1,917 more words