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NaNo...Day 29

And the Curse continues…

2010…My first Nano – I began The Re-Awakening. My computer broke on day 7 and I lost 10+k words…and quit.

2013… Priestesses of the Goddess…I wrote 63+K words…and WON…and I still have not finished that novel! 463 more words


Paper Orgasms: My Literotica

Literotica? Are you sure you want to go down that path Michael? It’s psychological thrillers you’re writing, not Chick-Lit!

Why not include literotica in a story about sex and murder? 519 more words


I Needed To Punish Two Of My Students To Teach Them An Important Lesson

I pulled on her leash loving the way her naked body arched on all fours at my feet. She gasped as her head was forced to rise upwards towards me. 2,363 more words

Sex: Do you like it savoury or sweet?


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Do you like to hug and kiss in creamy vanilla or take a chance on a crowning wildfire?

Vanilla certainly offers warmth and safety. 269 more words


I Was Kidnapped And Disciplined By An American Billionaire In Paris

Brandon’s fingers caressed my cheek as we stepped out of the Gare Du Nord station in Paris in to the evening sunlight.

“I can make the choice for you, if you wish,” he suggested in a soothing voice. 4,264 more words

She Was Sexually Tortured Until She Confessed Where Her Murdering Boyfriend Was Hiding

The young woman heaved and tested her bindings on the bed. She was completely naked. Her breasts were flat against the bed covers and her bare bottom was raised to prominence. 3,563 more words

Free Erotica!

I’ve started to post some short, quickie stories (and who doesn’t love a quickie!) on Literotica.com. My first is Silky Hands, about a new masseuse and her first customer. 8 more words