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4 Types of Erotica That Are Surprisingly Good

Hidden under school desks by teenagers and discussed in mere whispers by adults, erotica novels have gained a bad rep. And yet, subsequent to the explosion of… 522 more words

I Finally Fucked My Ex's Best Friend And It Was Just As Mind-Blowing In Real Life As I'd Always Imagined

It was forbidden. I knew that.
I think that’s exactly why I wanted it so bad.


I timed my bath perfectly. As I turned off the water, I could hear Max’s hands fumbling with the front doorknob, then the scuff of his shoes on the welcome mat. 1,216 more words

I'm being interviewed by Lynn Townsend!

My Capturing the Moment virtual book tour has landed at Lynn Townsend’s blog. Lynn was one of my beta readers for the book. In the interview we talk about everything from who inspired me, to Literotica, acceptance letters, and more. 350 more words

Delilah Night

Calm After the Storm

It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” -Ernest Hemingway

Love is my destination, life is my journey. 1,264 more words


X is for Sex

down boy, we’re talking about writing it effectively. I have to be honest though, I love the panel on writing erotica. It is so amusing every year. 76 more words


A Stranger Introduced Me To The Mile High Club By Making Me Cum Like No One Has Before

“Ah, so you’re a window kind of girl.”

He said this with an air of nonchalance as he slid into the seat next to me. His arm brushed against mine and I could immediately smell his cologne, something foreign and heavy that reminded me of Scotch and machine oil. 1,467 more words

Sex: Do you like it savoury or sweet?


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Do you like to hug and kiss in creamy vanilla or take a chance on a crowning wildfire?

Vanilla certainly offers warmth and safety. 269 more words