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I Saved Her, So Now She Must Live To Obey My Every Command

Each of the four doctors snapped on a pair of clear latex gloves and covered their mouths with a mask. They motioned for me to do the same. 5,083 more words

Pulled? Over

You’ll be banned from driving for that little effort.” the police officer said to me as he stood bent over at the open window of my car berating me for driving too fast, again. 917 more words


The Lawnmower Man

I liked my job, most of the time. But like most jobs good customers made the job, while bad customers made you wish murder was legal. 1,186 more words


Working at the Thrift store

As one of 6 volunteer that work at the local Thrift store I get to meet a lot of people, some nice, some rude and some scary, but the single thing they all have in common is they are all needy. 1,665 more words


Tickles and hiding

My boyfriend had this annoying little habit, he’d begin foreplay by tickling me. Under the arms got me every time, made me squirm and thrash around. 1,124 more words


Take Me Home

“If you buy me another drink I’ll let you volunteer to walk me home.”

Tim looked Sandra directly in the eye, he knew there was more to this women than she was letting on but having spent most of the night buying her drinks there was no way he was giving up now. 728 more words


Simone who?

We promise these do get better as we go on but we did promise to re-edit and re-post some of the stories that started it all. 977 more words