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Whispered Secrets


noun se·cret \ˈsē-krət

something kept hidden or unexplained

There’s something intimate, even thrilling about secrets. They initiate a shared trust between two beings, creating a sacred bond. 2,650 more words


Not Defeated!

I’m not dead yet!

The last few weeks have been a battle between my projects here and real life. As is so often the case, the latter insists on intruding upon the former. 229 more words

Separate Spheres

Partly cloudy is the weather. The discomfort between my legs confirms that last night wasn’t a dream. I’m thinking of him now. Does he think of me too? 1,850 more words


Chapter 3

“the beginning and the end”

For two weeks we messaged each other everyday. We went to a couple of dinners and explored the unraveling of a possible romantic relationship. 690 more words


Autumn Leaves

The autumn air approached with the blooming of something new. I didn’t know I would meet someone I was so instantly drawn to. Nor did I know we would begin interacting on a regular basis. 497 more words


Some Updates + LITEROTICA

The Titanium Rose and this week’s flash fiction story may be up later than I’d hoped; I’ve been having some trouble uploading documents to KDP, but hopefully, it’ll all be figured out tomorrow, or later this weekend at the latest. 86 more words


keep sliding

I can feel how much you want to put your fingers inside of me by the way you are rubbing my leg with lotion.  it’s dark in the room, you’re 19 years old, I’m 37, it’s taboo…  my husband is in the next room…  but I know you want to push farther…  I can feel it by the pressure your fingers apply when they’re rubbing higher on my leg.   1,331 more words