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Plugging Your Phone In Overnight: To Charge, Or Not To Charge?

Anyone who’s ever jolted awake 30 minutes late for work because their phone’s battery died, thus keeping the device’s alarm clock from going off, may have been tempted to keep that thing plugged in all night, ensuring full battery. 325 more words

MIT startup claims a breakthrough for 'holy grail' of batteries, doubles energy density

”As always, a healthy dose of skepticism is important when it comes to an alleged ‘battery breakthrough,'” Fred Lambert reports for Electrek. “Those announcements are being made every 2-3 months over the last decade and rarely anything comes to it, but at least we can always rely on the 5-8% annual incremental improvements in li-ion battery capacity. 116 more words


New lithium metal tech can create ultralight car batteries and thinner phones

Soon cars, drones, phones, and almost anything with a battery are about to get a boost from a new MIT spin-out, SolidEnergy Systems. The company promises to double the battery life of basic lithium ion batteries and will also offer smaller batteries with the power of bigger cells. 357 more words


Battery that will power your phone for 'twice as long' coming next year

”New higher-capacity, lithium-ion batteries will soon be available and could keep devices running for twice as long, according to the technology’s inventor,” Liam Tung reports for ZDNet. 183 more words


Mercedes 48V Mild Hybrids from 2017

As detailed in the IDTechEx report, “Mild Hybrid 48V Vehicles 2016-2031” this option will become a huge business from 2017 as Ford, Hyundai, Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi, Geely and many others adopt them as the most cost-effective way of meeting 2025 and 2030 carbon dioxide emissions regulations while sharply improving economy – even improving performance in some respects. 872 more words

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The Bus That Travels Above Traffic

In August 2016, China Xinhua News reported that the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) has had its first road test in Qinhuangdao City. It consisted of a brake and power consumption test of this electric vehicle that runs on tracks. 351 more words

Electric Vehicles

Lithium-air batteries Their time has come

A new type of electrical cell may displace the lithium-ion design

A cage for battery ions

BATTERIES are notoriously hard to improve. Nowhere was this more apparent than at the opening last week, on July 29th, of Tesla’s Gigafactory, a massive battery plant in Nevada. 727 more words