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FAA Issues Critical SAFO to Airlines on Lithium Batteries

UPDATED: The FAA has updated the link to the SAFO from the one previously featured in this article which included a link to a previous SAFO also on lithium ion batteries . 1,293 more words


Elon Musk Says Tesla's Next Home Battery Is Coming This Year

Last spring Tesla CEO Elon Musk debuted his company’s Powerwall home battery pack, a rechargeable store for solar energy. Since then the company has been cooking up a second generation of the device. 248 more words


Battery shuts down at high temperatures and restarts when it cools

Stanford researchers have developed the first lithium-ion battery that shuts down before overheating, then restarts immediately when the temperature cools. The new technology could prevent the kind of fires that have prompted recalls and bans on a wide range of battery-powered devices, from recliners and computers to navigation systems and hoverboards.
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Surprising chemistry inside a potential breakthrough battery

Lithium-air batteries hold the promise of storing electricity at up to five times the energy density of today’s familiar lithium-ion batteries, but they have inherent shortcomings. 33 more words


WATCH: Hoverboard bursts into flames during user's first ride

The risks surrounding so-called hoverboards have been widely documented. Many users have been burned – some literally – after the faulty self balancing scooters burst into flames. 443 more words


New Battery Tech Could Stop Hoverboard Fires

Lithium ion batteries have been generating some real heat lately—literally.

The latest in an explosion of tech that catches fire when the batteries overheat, this past holiday shopping season, hoverboards quickly went from must-have tech to must-avoid products. 413 more words