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UC Berkley Develops New Technology To Make Superior Lithium Batteries Cheap As Dirt

Lithium-based batteries use more than 50 percent of all cobalt produced in the world. These batteries are in your cell phone, laptop and maybe even your car. 605 more words

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Child Labor | Minor Miners

Are you holding a product made from Child Labor ??

Minor Miners – Read Now 15 more words


A Response to Climate Change, But Will it Work?

By now, if you have not heard that climate change is regarded as a problem, you must have been living under a flat rock. At least some of the politicians have recognized that this is a serious problem and they do what politicians do best: ban something. 1,063 more words

6S8P 22.2V 28Ah 80A Panasonic NCR18650GA battery pack

Technical specs and performances

  • Cell count: 48 (same rank cells)
  • Cell type: Panasonic NCR18650GA – Made in Japan
  • Electrochemistry: Lithium-ion NCA (LiNiCoAlO2) 
  • DC IR: less than 38mΩ
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Are Lithium Stocks Still in Demand?

Australia is one of the leading lithium producers amongst eight countries and contributes significantly to the global production. There are two major resources producing Lithium and are either brine-based deposits or hard-rock mineral deposits. 1,161 more words

The remarkable story of Tesla’s partner, Panasonic

Tesla’s battery partner and long-time supporter, Panasonic, just turned 100 years old. Entrepreneur’s Lydia Belanger reports that throughout the last century, “Panasonic has pivoted regularly, expanded globally and today continues to look toward the future of technology, including teaming up with Tesla.” Panasonic’s financial investments in Tesla aren’t the only support it provides — its rich history is full…

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