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High surface area to volume ratio electrodes in lithium sulphur batteries

Lithium ion batteries has the highest energy density of commercially available portable rechargeable batteries. But, in practical use, numerous problems concerning safety, progressive loss of charge capacity with increase in charge cycles, and inadequate energy density for high power consuming smartphones, tablets and laptops, motivated the development of new generations of lithium ion batteries with different designs and chemistries. 465 more words

Lithium Ion Batteries

Samsung under fire after executives seen kowtowing to Chinese distributors

Samsung Executives Kowtow to Chinese. Photo from Weibo

It seems electronics manufacturer Samsung is hit but yet another scandal – this time on social media after a photograph of Chinese executives bowing deeply on stage was circulated online. 310 more words

Article Analysis: The Cobalt Pipeline

Today I read an article on the mining of cobalt in the Congo, and the content of the article quite honestly shocked me.


The mining of Cobalt in the Congo has been an issue present in the lithium ion battery industry for a long time. 262 more words

Understanding the precision engineering aspects of lithium ion batteries

Since their commercial application by Sony in 1990, lithium ion batteries have progressively replaced other rechargeable batteries such as nickel metal hydride batteries, which in the 1990s was the main power pack for remote controlled cars etc. 808 more words

Lithium Ion Batteries

Airlines are putting fire-resistant bags on board to fight combusting phones

Battery fires continue to vex airlines, even after Samsung scrapped production of its exploding Galaxy Note 7.

Some carriers are putting up a new line of defense against burning mobile devices: bright red fire-containment bags that can withstand temperatures of 3,200 degrees Fahrenheit (1760 degrees Celsius). 243 more words

The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco will cost Samsung at least $2.3 billion in lost profits

Many questions still persist after Samsung officially ceased production of the Galaxy Note 7. What caused the devices to explode? Why has Samsung been so cagey about addressing the issue publicly? 208 more words

Stop using your Galaxy Note 7 immediately and turn it off, Samsung tells customers

Samsung’s launch of its latest flagship smartphone has now turned into a full-blown fiasco.

After reports of more exploding devices surfaced last weekend, the Korean tech giant is now telling all of its retailers and carrier partners to immediately stop selling the Galaxy Note 7.  573 more words