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Oil's luminaries think that we are witnessing merely another historical bust

Four years ago, no one forecast that a freak suicide in Tunisia would rock the Middle East, bring down governments and spread civil unrest. Before last March, no one suggested that a Russian invasion of eastern Ukraine was in the offing. 430 more words

Chinalco’s engineering arm Chalieco has signed a binding supply agreement covering 35 per cent of planned production from Syrah’s huge high-grade Balama deposit in northern Mozambique


(2015-02-11) China’s state-owned Chinalco — Rio Tinto’s biggest shareholder with 9.9 per cent — has moved to secure new supplies of the increasingly strategic carbon material, graphite, from Melbourne’s Syrah Resources. 651 more words


What’s the optimum way to charge your iPhone?

”What’s the optimum way to charge your phone?” Simon Hill asks for Digital Trends.

“‘The sweet spot for Lithium-ion batteries is to keep them charged between 50 and 80 percent. 130 more words


Using glass in lithium ion batteries could double capacity

Futurity covers a development in battery technology that uses vanadium-borate glass rather than crystals to improve the endurance of lithium ion batteries: although still being researched, the extra juice could be put to use in consumer and commercial settings, including energy capture and storage. 6 more words

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Lithium-ion Battery – “key to the success of Electric Vehicles”

Electric Vehicle’s success relies mostly on the battery technology applied in them. Nobody would prefer to buy an electric vehicle paying more than the normal gasoline vehicles, and had to charge them every now and then. 37 more words

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Eco-friendly New Battery Made of Pine Resin and Seeds

Even though today’s lithium batteries are efficient, they cause a range of resource and environmental problems. Uppsala researchers have now come up with a very interesting alternative using materials from alfalfa (lucerne seed) and pine resin, along with a clever recycling strategy. 368 more words

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New glass might double battery capacity - Futurity


ETH ZURICHrightOriginal Study

Posted by Peter Rüegg-ETH Zurich on January 14, 2015

Today’s lithium-ion batteries are good, but not good enough for future energy demands. 968 more words