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Is It Okay To Wipe A Former Employee's Computer?

Court Denies Request for Sanctions for Routine Deletion of Files of Departed Employees: eDiscovery Case Law, by Doug Austin, eDiscoverydaily


For many employers, it is normal procedure to “wipe” the computer of recently former employees after removing anything not already stored on the employer’s network. 63 more words


Put the Brakes on Self-Collection

There is no question that automotive product liability litigation is complex. However, self-collection is never a good idea. The Ford Unintended Acceleration Litigation is a case study on why it is a good idea to use archiving solutions and have expert witnesses conduct data collection. 783 more words


You Don’t Want Discovery Overdraft Charges

Discovery deadlines matter. Wells Fargo learned that the hard way with producing a relevant email 8 months after the close of discovery. Given the nature of the relevancy to the lawsuit, limited additional discovery was reopened. 534 more words


How eDiscovery Experts Can Help Fight the Blues

Magistrate Judge Jonathon Goodman knows the value of an expert deposition in complex litigation and B.B. King.

Everyday I Have the Blues

Here is the basic dispute in… 512 more words


The Critical Importance of A Litigation Hold

It’s a letter, and the failure to circulate it during the initial stages of a litigation can result in a variety of sanctions from the court, ranging from paying for your adversary’s legal fees to outright striking of your claim or defense. 455 more words

Employers continue to wrestle with BYOD policies...

What follows is an excerpt from an article for which I was asked to contribute last Fall.  I hope that you find it of interest. 663 more words


Craig Ball on E-Discovery, Litigation Holds, and Evidence Preservation.

The Path to E-Mail Production II, Revisited, by Craig Ball, Ball In Your Court


This is the seventh in a series revisiting Ball in Your Court…

236 more words