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Duty to Mitigate

Our society and the law discourages economic waste; thus, when a party to a contract has been caused harm or the contract has been breached the court requires that party to mitigate its’ damages.   50 more words

Economic Damages

Semper paratus

A sharknado is coming.

Luckily our Sandline disaster recovery site is just outside of Detroit, where the Michiganders have had plenty of practice for the apocalypse. 160 more words

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Casey Flaherty talks about the expectations which corporates have, or should have, about their lawyers

Former in-house Counsel Casey Flaherty has set up a business called Cost Control to help companies manage legal spend. He makes no secret of his conviction that many outside lawyers offer poor value to their corporate clients because they do not know how to use basic software tools which will make them more efficient. 56 more words

Litigation Support

Code, queries and copious white-boarding

It started with a simple request. Paraphrasing:

“We received messed up production data. Can you review it, identify the inconsistencies and convert the attach ranges to our preferred format?

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Whistleblowers: Where and when they act

By John L. Guerra, FPSR
Company whistleblowers are more likely to report fraud, waste and abuse to a direct supervisor than disclose the fraud to someone outside the organization. 410 more words

Litigation Support

Productivity: if it takes less than 5 minutes, don’t do it now

Jon wrote an article called “If it takes 5 minutes, do it immediately“. If you read it, you’ll see that his points are more nuanced than the title suggests: mainly, the idea is that you shouldn’t block someone else’s productivity just because you wouldn’t break your flow for a trivial task. 145 more words


Productivity: If it takes less than 5 minutes, do it immediately

Years ago I read Getting Things Done by productivity guru David Allen. It described a very advanced system of capturing, prioritizing, following-up on and closing out all the tasks of the over-extended knowledge worker. 218 more words