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Beth Patterson of Allens talks about the applications, teams and pricing models which Allens is developing

Beth Patterson is Chief Legal & Technology Services Office at Allens. When I saw her at ILTA in Washington, Allens had just won the Janders Dean Lexis Nexis Innovation Award for its use of technology to support its lawyers and its clients. 195 more words


Bullseye Investigations (Arlington, VA USA)

Located just outside Washington, DC, Bullseye Investigations offers a wide variety of personal and business investigative services including background checks, due diligence, document exploitation and litigation support.

Arlington Va

Most Memorable Moments in Lit Support

Officially, I have been doing this line of work since 1996 and over the past 20 years I have been involved in hundreds of trials.  This experience has given me some memorable moments that I will not forget.   690 more words

Litigation Technology

What is Litigation Support?

When I was working in Tampa one of the younger attorneys came up to me and asked: “What is it that you do here?”

There is a danger in trying to explain to someone what I do of the listener’s eye glazing over and zoning out if the explanation gets too technical. 707 more words

Litigation Technology

Interview: Judge Peck on the potential increase in the take-up of technology-assisted review

ILTA at the beginning of September gave me a good opportunity to interview US Magistrate Judge Andrew Peck about the growing use of technology-assisted review in litigation. 333 more words


Is this the future of biglaw?

Consider the following hypothetical scenario. Litigation is initiated between two large companies. Inside and outside counsel for each, respectively, discuss which documents to review. Using cloud software, the litigants then make accessible their documents to outside counsel via the web, free of junk and unrelated documents. 264 more words