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Diversity in Local Races

Schleifer at the Chron had an interesting article about the lack of women in the Houston Mayor’s race. Diversity is important, no doubt, but for this avid voter, having a progressive-minded candidate whose policies are on the liberal side of things is a lot more important. 365 more words


Stefan Molyneux on 9/11

I really don’t want to make Stefan Molyneux the star of my blog, but since the last few days I’ve watched several videos on him, and therefore Youtube offers suggestions to other videos that seem interesting, and then I watch it. 2,284 more words


The Ultimate Relationship Litmus Test

Ever since I had my thesis about predictors of organizational commitment, I’ve become interested in other predictive variables. My thesis was about Relationship Commitment as a predictor of Organizational Commitment, and I was surprised about the results of it. 595 more words


You're a "Conspiracy Theorist"

You’re a “Conspiracy Theorist”

Those that refuse to look at the evidence often label 9/11 Truthers as “conspiracy theorists”. Since when does asking legitimate questions lead to becoming a “conspiracy theorist”? 1,741 more words

9/11 MEMES

3 more #DevOps litmus tests...

We wrote back in August about 3 “litmus test” questions about #DevOps in your organisation. We’d like to add 3 more questions that focus on the more operational aspects of DevOps. 341 more words


The Modesty Litmus Test

I think it can be tricky to define a standard of what is appropriate to wear out in public. I think it necessary to set a standard for what is appropriate to wear to class, church or just out in public. 358 more words