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The Whiteboard Litmus Test

If you are a Washington news junkie, like I am, you’ve noticed the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch are in process.  The nominee has been peppered with questions trying to ascertain how he will interpret the Constitution, what his views are, and how he might rule on a variety of hypothetical cases.   275 more words

Day 18 –Democrat Extravaganza!


As much as I try to find balanced material, it won’t always happen.  Take last Friday, where nary a good word could be found about President Trump.  131 more words

Is He the One?: How to Know Whether You Should Marry Him

I used to leave a drinking glass by the kitchen sink instead of putting it in the dishwasher, and then argue with my wife when she complained about it. 1,421 more words


Litmus Test Time! Trump Publicly Tramples Freedom of Speech. Which Alt Media Outlets Dare to Address and Condemn it?

So far I have seen very few alternative media websites that actually have the guts and decency to openly admit that Trump’s fake “outsider” facade is crumbling quickly. 135 more words

Alt Media

The Litmus Test that Divides the World

The Litmus Test that Divides the World Ver. 1.0.4

The Philosopher



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The litmus test of many of the Protestant religions is, “ 1,468 more words

Purging of Black Money hits real Estate Hard

The real estate prices are bound to go down if the black money is sucked out of the system which may be good news for all the people looking to buy their dream house. 500 more words


Narcissist, or Not?

This is a new thing for me. People seem to prefer the videos, so I’m posting this as a blog.