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Review: Omega Paw Roll 'n Clean Litterbox

Sky’s first litter box was the Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Litterbox. I bought it on Gmarket for about $50. It was good and we used it for the remaining time we were in Korea. 165 more words


Litter Box Mess? Here’s a solution!

If you know anything about cats, you know that they tend to be very clean and neat animals. They seem to always be  grooming themselves and when using their litter box they make sure that they cover up their waste. 377 more words



We have normal, covered poop in the litter box!
Heh. While it’s true, right now it’s about me and having to clean up, long term it’s about Ella and her adopt-ability. 156 more words

The last day. The last day of what?

Today is the last day of my Feral Cat Day celebration. Feral Cat Day is officially on October 16th, but I took the entire month to celebrate and I hope it helped to bring about awareness of these gentle, furry, four-legged souls. 335 more words

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5 Signs Your Cat May Not Be Feeling Well

Cats are not always good at communication and they often hide the fact that they are not feeling well. Keeping your cat healthy and happy sometimes requires a little detective work and pet parent intuition. 433 more words

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