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Buy Online CatMouse Electronic Cat Litter Boxes

Full Details : CatMouse Electronic Cat Litter Boxes
Material: Plastic
Type: Cat Litter Boxes
Features: Deodorizing
Color: White
Includes: Deodorizer, 110V AC Power Supply, Removable & Cleanable O3/Ion Emitter, Repositionable Velcro Mounting Strips


Cheap Self Cleaning Nature's Miracle High Sided Litter Box

Antimicrobial Product Protection
High Sides To Prevent Litter Box Scatter
Easy Clean Spout
Non-Stick Surface For Easy Cleaning
Self Cleaning Litter Box

MoreCheap Self Cleaning Nature’s Miracle High Sided Litter Box


Why Is My Cat Not Covering His Poop?

A dear friend recently asked,

Dear Reluctant Cat Owner,

My cat refuses to cover her shit. What do I do? Is he trying to murder me with the smell of his deuces?

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Everybody hates Godzilla Life lessons from the streets to the litter box

By: Godzilla ~Senior String Major~

On an average day, I’ll wake up, look at birds outside to plot their demise, take a nap, swat at someone’s shoelace as they walk by, take another nap and stare at my toys stuck just out of reach under the couch. 596 more words

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Tidy Cats

For the first time ever, the Podunk family has a cat. Her Royal Highness adopted him as a kitten from the shelter, 2 days before she left for college — a classic HRH move. 149 more words


Litter Box Surfing

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Nothing like stepping in a litter box to start your day off with a bang. Yes, I did the unthinkable this morning, and stepped in one of the four kitty litter boxes  with my flip-flopped left foot. 202 more words

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Avoiding cat "ick" in a small space

Meet Johnny and Battlecat. Sometimes, as cute as they are; they do gross stuff. I’m going to address the nastiness and show you one of our solutions. 450 more words

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