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Feline tai chi master Kat Tai-Dai Mau demonstrates aerating the litter.

Tai’s pro tip: “This one is best done while your humans are enjoying a meal, preferably with guests.”

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T. Allen Culpepper

Ships Cat, Pepe Le Pew

While Mom and Dad were off bike riding down the beach, Nyah and I decided to take over the blog, well mostly me, because Nyah’s paws are way too big to work the keyboard, and she is only a dog. 758 more words


What is the Purr-ifier? Why You Need It

If you have ever been concerned that your house guests know you have a cat before you tell them, you just might need a Purr-ifier. The Purr-ifier fan attaches easily to your covered litter box to neutralize all the unpleasant odors. 51 more words

Territory & Resources: Two Stops on the Road to Wellbeing

Cats are well known for being territorial animals, but did you know that the average cat has a territory of 4 ACRES?!

Yes, you read that right — 1 cat’s territory = 4 Acres, over 100x the size of the average house. 819 more words


The Purr-ifier: A Story of Cats, Compromise and Community

Kay Baker was a lifelong cat-lover, her husband Dwayne was not. When they first married, litter box odor was a point of contention. Instead of letting it divide them, they came together to solve the problem, creating a business committed to creating jobs and serving the local community in the process. 19 more words

Cement troughs make great litter boxes

With multiple cats, finding anything bigger than the standard size litter box is a problem. So you are stuck with cleaning a lot of boxes! 206 more words

Stylish Pet-friendly Living

Early morning

Yesterday was a long day, starting early in the morning. In order to drive to Spokane and get Forrest, Bubba and Jenny to their respective new homes on time, I had to leave my house around 3:30am. 182 more words