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DIY Cat Box Cabinet

Some say there are Dog lovers or there are Cat lovers… I am both!!! being such an unbiased animal lover has it’s challenges… Anyone who has had both dogs and cats at the same time can attest to this. 572 more words

Oscar is Making Me a Grouch

So I’ve cleaned lots of homes with pets. However, none of these places were actually my home…until now. We own my husband’s home farm place outside of town. 360 more words


I Have a Pet Cat: What Now?

Congrats, you’re a parent! A cat is a huge commitment – most cats live to be around 15 years old. I adopted my cat, Paul, a few years back and he’ll be turning 3 soon. 821 more words

Potty training

Now that our cat population has doubled so has the litter usage, the litter sprinkling throughout the house, the litter smell, the arguing over whose turn it is to do the litter, you get the point. 392 more words


Prevent Litter Box Problems

Routine maintenance can eliminate litter box problems. If you have children, you know they can slack on maintaining their chores to help keep the litter box clean. 288 more words

Litter Box


Since I’ve been cartooning on the topic of “litter boxes”, I thought I’d share this one.  It is kind of a “crappy” subject though!

Why You Need This Seamless Cat Box

Behold, the ModKat Flip Litter Box. This litter box has been a game-changer for me and my apartment. I don’t typically blog about cat boxes, but being happy in my environment is a big help when trying to keep my depression in line and be able to relax when I get home and having a gross smelling cat box did not help. 798 more words