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Talking Kitty Cat

Sylvester uses Tinder to invite a girl over. After their date goes terribly wrong, Steve is asked to make her leave. She refuses. Flaggle Claggle. 17 more words

Sneakers vs. Slippers

Sneakers is a 12-year-old, black male cat, and Slippers is his two-year-old unrelated female sister.  Sneaker experienced major trauma during his imprinting period as a kitten. 157 more words


Super-Fan Build: Lord Of The Rings Litter Box

If you don’t hear from Jenny for a while it’s because she’s out there making this right now.  I’m actually a bit surprised she hadn’t thought of this awesome Lord of the Rings themed litter box for her feline housemate.   47 more words

General Geekery

The Drove: Litter Box Planet!

The Drove’s own Phil and his wife just had a baby, so we’ve asked our friends for some help keeping the Drove on schedule!

For all you cat lovers out there, our good friend Luke Vigneault has hand crafted this feline masterpiece all by himself! 13 more words


Charlie (The Cat) Uses Up Lives 1 through 7

Shared in hopes this will save others from this tragic behavior!

I have three cats that live with my family at home. Normally they are content to remain aloof, allowing us to serve them food at their whim and clean out their litterbox. 899 more words

Family Memories

10 Top Cat Litter Box Tips

Follow these tips to help your cat avoid cat litter box problems.

Cats peeing outside the cat litter box. It’s the most widely recognized litter box issue veterinarians and behaviorist experience, however one that effortlessly can be kept away from. 571 more words

Cat Litter

You don't want to know what our clothes smell like

To say that my family celebrated my wife’s birthday this week is overstating what actually happened.

Between her work schedule, my work schedule, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, our daughter’s dance classes, Girl Scout meetings, rehearsals for her middle school show choir and the latest Apollo theater musical and our son’s trumpet playing schedule, driving lessons, piano lessons and various evening meetings, it’s little wonder we haven’t had time to take a breath and blow out any candles. 480 more words