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You don't want to know what our clothes smell like

To say that my family celebrated my wife’s birthday this week is overstating what actually happened.

Between her work schedule, my work schedule, doctor appointments, dentist appointments, our daughter’s dance classes, Girl Scout meetings, rehearsals for her middle school show choir and the latest Apollo theater musical and our son’s trumpet playing schedule, driving lessons, piano lessons and various evening meetings, it’s little wonder we haven’t had time to take a breath and blow out any candles. 480 more words


Ferret Homes - Providing the Best Homes for Your Fuzzies

Common questions concerning ferret care include “What kind of habitat should I set up for my ferret?” and “Do they stay in their cage all of the time?” 678 more words

Small Animal

Kitty Litter. Love it or Hate It?

It’s 23:08 on my pacific standard time and as usual and customary I’m exhausted yet my body and mind won’t allow me to rest.

What needs to be done? 492 more words

Animal Rescue

Lightweight Cat Litter & Things that go Bump in the Night

Just when I’m getting use to tubeless toilet paper rolls, what happens? Along comes Lightweight Cat Litter.

I’ve been feeling really good about standing up & taking my place at the plate among those millions of toilet paper users who have opted out of rolls with tubes & gone exclusively to the tubeless kind … not to be confused with tubeless tires, for goodness sake. 907 more words

Where does the litterbox go?! Solutions for Cats in the Camper

When my husband and I decided we were moving into the camper, I instantly looked for ideas of where to put that eye-sore of a litterbox for the cats. 365 more words


KB Meets Self-Cleaning Litter Box

I’ve had self-cleaning litter boxes on my wishlist for a while now. I looked into at least 10 different systems.  They have boxes for clumping litter, crystal litter, and washable granules. 341 more words

Kitty Bear

Craft day

First post!  Woo!  Like most things in my life, I told myself I wanted to do something (blog) and I immediately procrastinated that something for several, um, years.   840 more words