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Search for an Auto Litter Box

Earlier in the year we decided it was time for a revamp on the litter box scene in the house. So, we decided to look into our options and crunch some numbers to find an automatic litter box. 647 more words

Light Weight Litters- They're Not All the Same

Back in January I wrote a blog post about some of the various litters I’d tried. I said I wasn’t with the lightweight litter choices out there. 501 more words


Cats: The Ultimate Distraction

There are so many amazing reasons to have a cat in your home… “distraction free pet” is not one of them.

Living with two cats means when you want to cuddle, they want to play or sleep, and when you need to clean or get work done, they are in your face! 344 more words


The parental unit: When the sands run out

Our Cat is now ten years old. Like me, and all our family pets previously, she was also rescued and adopted. There are only the two of us with fur and four paws left in this dysfunctional family, the rest having grown too old for this life and passing on to a better one.  448 more words


How You Can Raise A Healthy Kitten

Cats are quickly overtaking dogs as mans best friend. Cats are incredibly intelligent and built for agile maneuvering along any unusual environment you can imagine. Having such an awesome pet means that they are that much harder to keep entertained during their day. 292 more words


Litter trained


By the title of this post, you probably thought that I was going to talk about a cat, right?  Owners of rabbits would not be surprised to see that this is actually about our dwarf bunny, Pookie.  241 more words

Bunny Stories

Not Stinky

Pondering smells…

I didn’t live with cats until Cyndie and the kids successfully achieved adding one to our family unit. I didn’t have a strong aversion to cats. 465 more words