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Ask Dr. Waffles

Dear Dr. Waffles,

My tall roommates only change my litter once in a blue moon. Although I do loudly announce each time my business is complete so they can clean it right away, they haven’t quite figured it out yet. 258 more words



Thoughts + ideas + suggestions on training your cat to use the toilet instead of litter box?

My boyfriends cat is trained to use the toilet. 52 more words


How to Litter Train a Guinea Pig

Here is a step-by-step photo presentation of how to litter train your guinea pig. Hopefully the second photo helps show you litter training from a guinea pig’s point of view.   48 more words


So over at the Litterbox, friend of the blog and occasional crossover poster Miyuki has been having a theme month, inspired by “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  1,714 more words


Why Your Cat Insists on Crapping on the Floor

Ginger is decidedly my favorite cat. She is beautiful, quiet, and athletic.  Every Yin, has its Yang, however.  Ginger’s Yang is that she has ALWAYS pooped outside of the litter box.   448 more words


Cat Life, Apartment Style

My name is Ashley, and I am proud momma of two beautiful snowshoe siamese kitties. I had the opportunity to adopt Honeybee and Sweetiepye from the Austin Siamese Rescue this past summer. 179 more words