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DIY hide-the-litterbox

We’re continuing our new mini-theme with cat DIYs today!

So, as most of us with cats know, one thing that is not very high on the wish-list when getting a cat is the often not–super appealing litterbox(es) that the cat obviously need. 403 more words


How Do I Clean My Bunnies Litter box?

This is how I do it and this is just a template to guide you.

  • You should clean your bunnies litterbox every 1-3 days, I do it every other day.
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Modkat litter box

Pepper, my cat, has been using a Modkat litter box since he was 5 months old. He is now almost 5 years old and a fully matured British Shorthair. 126 more words


Natures Fresh, Miracle In A Bottle!

What if I told you that by spraying certain enzymes you can have:

  • first aid kit
  • household miracle worker
  • completely NON-toxic
  • safe for the kiddo’s & pets…
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Service Cats: Litterboxes, Litter and Feline Urinary Habits

MeOW Welcome to a brand new Service Cat Monday. We’re really behind today, but we think when ya’ get to the end, you’ll furgive us. We have quite a few questions regarding the wheelchair that we’re holding until the new chair gets here. 2,205 more words


Choosing Litter

There is a mind-boggling number of variety of litter out there. And many ways of catergorizing them;

Clumping vs Non-clumping

Biodegradable vs Non-biodegradable

Flushable vs Non-flushable… 97 more words


King Jon's Cats

This has been an emotional yet beautiful week of blogging for me, filling my heart with loving memories of Violet, my dad’s generosity, and Terri’s stunning painting. 348 more words