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How I Feel About; Toilet Training

Have you heard of it? When I was doing my kitty research, I saw a lot of it, and eventually started researching it as well; toilet trained cats! 535 more words


Quick Kitty Tip; Keeping A Clean Litterbox

Today’s article might be a little TMI, but honestly, if you have a cat, you have a litterbox, and you deal with it. You scoop, you scoop, and you keep scooping, because your kitty will keep pooping. 810 more words


First Impression; Cat-It Litterbox Jumbo

Litterboxes; honestly, I wasn’t all that thrilled at shopping for one. They tend to be pretty ugly, in my opinion. I’d spend a lot of time on ikea-hackers and countless of other websites looking at ways to disguise litterboxes, to make furniture for them, and so on. 595 more words

First Impressions

Product Review: Kitty A Go Go Litterbox!

Happy Monday, Everypawdy!

I am purry to present you my first ever product review! Thank you Kitty A Go Go for the opportunity to review your litterbox! 340 more words

Hazel Fluffypants

No mess litter box

If you’re a cat owner and lover like me, you can’t do without one of the basic necessities for your feline friend.  I tried the normal litter boxes that are sold at pet stores and mass merchandisers, and even used the kind that have a removable cover and higher sides, but my cats have a bad habit of kicking their litter OUT of the litter box when they are finished doing their business…and none of the usual options did me any good.  192 more words


Ask Dr. Waffles

Dear Dr. Waffles,

My tall roommates only change my litter once in a blue moon. Although I do loudly announce each time my business is complete so they can clean it right away, they haven’t quite figured it out yet. 258 more words