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Previously Balladeer’s Gift Bag presented Tommy Wiseau’s series of Audiobooks. This time around I’m taking a look at Paul Krugman’s litter-box scented cologne.

In fact, … 123 more words


Inappropriate Elimination in cats

Inappropriate Elimination in cats according to the veterinarians of the Lachine Veterinary Clinic.

When a cat urinates or eliminates stools in the house and out of its litter box, it is never pleasant. 1,159 more words


Litterbox Training Your Dog

There is no training behavior that causes more stress for new puppy owners than housetraining. The consequences of a poorly trained pup will cause problems for many years so dedication during the first several months, or even a year, is necessary. 11 more words


I know...

…you all envy me right now. 😉 Who wouldn’t want to be sitting on the floor with a bunch of adorable puppies crawling all over you?❤️


Did You Say Garfield

Meowllo everypawdy, it’s finally Furiday. Today we’re gonna talk ‘bout our pawdee boxes. Yep dat’s right, me said our pawdee boxes. Your all wonderin’ why, cuz you know me likes me’s purrivacy, and we haven’t told ya’ anythin’ ‘bout Raena’s pawdee box habits. 950 more words


I Got Nothing!

Title says all! I’ll just explain the day of whatever then try to entertain you people. Ugh, I gotta get my youtube channel up and running…do you people have any ideas?   580 more words

Lazy Person's Guide to Your Cat's Litterbox.

I love animals. I really do. However, like any lazy person, I don’t enjoy cleaning up after them. I have three much beloved kitties and for quite some time I had been trying to find the easiest way to minimize their mess. 686 more words