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I have always been obsessed with flowers. If I was given Giselle bundchen and a rare bouquet, I may choose to photograph the rare bouquet first. 35 more words

Little Beauty

Curve Scenes

Like a movie reel, these pictures play on for hours. The simple beauty is so enchanting to me.

The World Around Me

Little Worlds

Beautiful little worlds inside every drop.

The World Around Me


It’s been raining and it was just a matter of time before I found the right place to take these pictures. I love droplets. It’s like another world inside those little blotches of water. 86 more words

The World Around Me


The colour pink is both underrated and overrated. Those who hate it give good reason for their dismissal. And those who love it, have their minds fixed on shining beauty. 65 more words

The World Around Me

A bird in the rain

It’s raining hard. So hard. Am starting to miss the same sun I hated so much before. Human nature I suppose. Lately I have been spending my time in large jackets and under dark umbrellas. 18 more words


The Hand Of God

I don’t mind seeing this sight again and again. It is truly breathtaking. Sometimes just looking up as the clouds roll by day and night can change your perception of beauty. 32 more words