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Parus major

Above is a photo that I shot today and I am pretty happy with it. I was able to crop the image heavily, but it still looked ok. 110 more words


European Robin

Today I was hiking because we had sun and it looked a bit like spring. I didn’t take a lot of photos over the winter, instead I uploaded some that I shot previously. 106 more words


Male House Sparrow

Above is a photo of a house sparrow and I believe it is a male house sparrow. I shot the photo last year somewhere in… 51 more words


Joy Fixed in Time and Space----Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The look of satisfaction on this wee bird is priceless.  A full tummy, a huge food bar, safety….who could ask for more?

From my world to your heart,


Life On A Colorado Farm

Summer Is (Almost) Over

Oh Em Gee do I wish my lovely, adorable, non mess making children were back in school this week. Arizona has cuckoo school schedules starting and stopping all over the place … of course mine don’t start for another 8 days. 109 more words

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