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Still finding my fins.

Hello internet! How have you been…? It has been a week since my last post… :P

I’ve been pretty much between “Meh” and “Ermph” on the motivation scale, so decided to keep my thoughts to myself until something useful turns up. 170 more words

Little Bites

Snow problem.

You know in the UK, we have a serious issue with snow.

No, nothing to do with the amount (or frequency) that we have. I’m talking about our panic response to the soft water flakes that simply obliterates everyday life… or so we believe. 450 more words

Little Bites

Day Two, still much to do...

While the words created weave unto a world we do not know, the darkness stretches far throughout the words you see below. Please excuse the greyness of the walls and words so bleak.

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Little Bites

Quiet (poem)

Perhaps you’re not fluent
in your first language,

and some fidget in the pauses,

but I like to rest
on the hillside of your silence… 11 more words


Them Tunes (poem)

Rags roll out of the digits’ swagger
bouncing on piano keys.


Moment in Space and Time (poem)

When I was a child
I took my helium balloon outside.
It flew away–
I stayed behind.

(Found in Snail Trails, a short book of small poems) 6 more words


Friend (poem)

Your self-esteem has magnetic
ballerina posture
despite your osteoporosis back.