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A Biological Fatherless Black Girl

Little black girls who never met their biological black fathers is a sludge puddle to always step in when you are a thirty four year old black woman who has never met her biological father. 1,293 more words

I'm Back!

Hi Guys,

I haven’t been posting anything for a while now,  because I have been trying to focus on the release of my new book. 65 more words

The Contour Tutorial

I think that in a world where your hair is forced into being straight with chemicals as opposed to coiled and natural from as early as the age of three. 596 more words

Everything We Need To Stop Teaching Our Little Black Girls

Growing up, I knew that beauty in my community came in the form of a fair skinned, straight haired, racially ambiguous goddess. I knew, subconsciously that my body was my worth. 510 more words

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