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Everything We Need To Stop Teaching Our Little Black Girls

Growing up, I knew that beauty in my community came in the form of a fair skinned, straight haired, racially ambiguous goddess. I knew, subconsciously that my body was my worth. 510 more words

African American Women

A Breath of Fresh Hair - Lupita Nyong o'

We had all started looking alike especially our television and movie stars and really any of us in the public eye.Those who represented us slowly but surely ceased to look like us. 146 more words

Black Women

The War On Little Black Girl-Ness

This is 12 year old Vanessa VanDyke. That free-form halo of kinky, coppery brown-ness that you see around face is her hair. It’s a little like a lion’s mane, but infinitely cuter. 869 more words

My Brown Colored Skin

Original Spoken Word by; Nia Lave’ at black history program at Miracle Temple SDA Church February 3, 2013

Five reasons why princess Tiana is my favorite Disney princess(also)

                                                                                                                                  I totally remember begging my friends to come and watch this movie with me, I begged and begged and begged some more till finally two of my close friends broke down and agree to come with me. 470 more words


Letter to the little girls

Coming out of the store, I caught myself looking at the ground concentrating on carrying my load. Looking up, I flashbacked to sixth grade, when my standard posture walking home from school was a head-down, shoulder-slumped amble. 337 more words


Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Our Confused, Grieving Hearts

Ak wrote this for Colorlines.com.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Our Confused, Grieving Hearts.

RIP Aiyana Stanley-Jones and Je’Rean Blake.  Justice and peace for these children’s families.