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Robert Fulton

Today on “Days to Remember” we celebrate Robert Fulton who was the inventor and engineer of the steam boat.

Robert Fulton was born on a farm in Little Britain, Pennsylvania, on November 14, 1765. 359 more words

45 Years

(USA 2015)

45 Years— my lifetime, and about how long it felt like it took to get through this. On the eve of a huge party to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary, Geoff Mercer (Tom Courtenay) receives a letter informing him that the body of a past lover from before he met his wife Kate (Charlotte Rampling) has been recovered after 50 years– she fell off a cliff while they were vacationing in Switzerland. 102 more words



I guess I am just that. I love food, every type of it. And I love cooking. It’s been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. 371 more words


Five for Friday: Comedies I've Watched with My Son

For this week’s Five for Friday, I’m going to be quite quick. You see I’ve been occupied the past few days with helping my son prepare for his big move to Boston. 552 more words

Lists And Compilations

'...adenoidal typists from Birmingham with diahorrea...'

Due to a mention of it on Facebook earlier, I have been caught in a vortex of watching Crossroads on YouTube. It is, of course, as terrible as we all remember it,  but it’s nice to see that floral arrangement in the wall of the Motel again, in colour this time around (I recall Kings Oak on a black and white telly). 102 more words


In the marketing war to draw people into one of the thousands of shows, some people have moved away from posters into providing freebies. These can be small give-aways like boiled sweets or badges to slightly harder to produce items like pens and stickers. 339 more words