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Review: The World's Worst Children - David Walliams

Thursday 7 July 2016

Most people probably know David Walliams as either one half of the comedy team behind ‘Little Britain’, or as a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. 758 more words


The Streets Of London – Part Forty Three

St Bartholomew’s Gatehouse, EC1A

London is a dynamic city and its landscape reflects its ever-changing, restless spirit. It is rare to see a perfectly preserved example of how London once looked and when we do, the least we can do is stop and admire. 535 more words


Little Britain

I recently joined The Labour Party in the UK, solely to register my support for Jeremy Corbyn, as its Leader. While I don’t agree with all his views and policies, I do admire his desire to bring a new kind of fair politics to Westminster, especially the way he conducts Prime Ministers Questions. 360 more words


Fool Britannia!

Graphic by Page with apologies to Willy Stöwer


Brexit is finally here

Okay, skip all the reasons in the world why I haven’t updated this page in a year. And though apparently it wouldn’t matter that much to anyone, I just want to keep my voice heard and share my idea to anyone who happens to find their way here. 289 more words


The Brexit can't be happening

Tomorrow morning we’re going to wake up and the UK is going to tell us the #Brexit was just an elaborate joke.

They’ll say they still love us and Europe. 79 more words

The Improv Diaries - part 23 - One Liners

Last week in improv, we focussed on developing stories and characters by action and one liners. We started off the practise like any other, playing a few games to warm up and get used to working with one another which then lead to the first style of development today – storytelling and actions. 561 more words