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BBC Three: The End of an Era

In 2003 the BBC launched a shiny new channel to widen their demographic and reach out to a younger audience, creating a platform for new shows and producers to stand tall on. 369 more words


Could David Walliams join America’s Got Talent soon?

When David Walliams Tweeted about his business trip to America last week*, the rumour mill went into overdrive. What could David be planning out there in LA? 201 more words

David Walliams

My Writing A-Z … G is for 'GRIT-LIT'

G is for ‘GRIT-LIT’

What do I mean by ‘grit-lit’? It may not be a genre you’re familiar with but, in my definition at least, it’s writing (both fiction and non-fiction) that focuses on… 1,144 more words


3 Finals, 2 extra-times and 1 penalty shoot-out


Gabe’s football season ended with three finals – two with school and one with his club. The first was entirely one-sided affair in all respects except the score. 259 more words


Don't Panic! Update I

Hello Neighbours!

I thought you might like an update on work going on here at the LoL. It’s stressful. Not the construction – that’s coming along a pace. 245 more words


A Month of: Children's Fiction - My Best Reads - The Boy in the Dress

The Boy in the Dress by David Walliams

This is a surprisingly charming debut novel by the Little Britain star, David Walliams. The Boy in the Dress has huge amounts of child appeal being charming and funny, with school life that children will be able to relate too. 63 more words

Lost in Translation

For a couple of years now I watch series primarily in English. At first it was Anime with English subtitles, later there were many different shows that I wanted to check out. 1,009 more words