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Daybeauty : Since I can't put your actual name here :-)

This post is for you,”Daybeauty”.:-)My best friend,confidante and the brother I never had.Maybe you will read this post one day and smile.:-)

You were the only one who didn’t desert me when my closest circle of friends disintegrated.The only one who held my head afloat when I was drowning in self-pity. 358 more words



My brother, my Valentino your birthday is coming up and I can’t believe how grown you are. My little man, I remember the day you were born, waking everyone up at 4 in the morning because you were ready to meet us and make our lives better, brighter and happier. 318 more words

{event} biglittledate: farmerbrown's little skillet

Happy first day of March aka the best month ever! :) I can’t believe how fast February flew by. I am halfway through my two classes, read two books, and finished binge watching House of Cards season 3! 315 more words

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{event} biglittledate: orenchi beyond & dandelion chocolate

Cold weather calls for a hot bowl of ramen, don’t you agree? Although I’ve already checked out Orenchi Beyond, Gary was down to dine here so he could try too (especially since  295 more words

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{event} biglittledate: chez maman & smitten ice cream

Our very first Big and Little Date of 2015 was at Chez Maman. Chez Maman is this cute little French restaurant that serves items that stir up childhood memories. 332 more words

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{event} biglittledate: el farolito

A few days ago was me and Gary’s five year anniversary as big and little bros. To celebrate, we decided to eat at Gary’s favorite place, which is also one of the best burrito places in San Francisco, … 415 more words

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{event} biglittledate: the house

Turning a quarter century year old is kind of a big deal, right? I feel like it’s one of those sort-of-big milestones because once you’re 25, you kind of start wondering if you’re “on track” with life and all. 525 more words

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