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The Books That Made Me a Reader

Inspired by this post from the Nerdy Book Blog

When I was a child/tween/teenager, I took great pride in calling myself a reader. My parents would refer to me as their reader (never mind that my older sister is capable of reading far faster than me), my aunts and uncles would give me books on most gifting occasions, and I loved collecting stories. 995 more words


Friday Four: Thanksgiving- FIND YOURS

Thanksgiving carries different meanings for different people. My family on my dad side host a huge dinner. Everyone gathers at an elders family member home and we eat, laugh and lounge until the belt button pops! 501 more words

Charlotte Mom Blogger

The kids books I'll be reading to my own someday

If there’s one thing I have to be thankful for it’s that my parents spent so much time reading to me when I was a kid. 1,463 more words


Little Critter - Mercer Mayer

We have been reading the Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer. We love Little Critter! Here are some videos telling his stories, have your child watch them with you.

Enjoy your days off!


It’s story time. Bear with me because this is an unusual story. It’s the story of my development in digital literacy. Before I get into the meat of this series of posts, here is a little prologue about my very first use of a computer. 459 more words

Graduate School

Critter Country!

Cam is here again this weekend and I’m so glad to see him.  It’s just a sweet feeling knowing that your kids actually want to be with you.   188 more words

Pen Elaine's Most Favorite Book...this week

If you have been aware of children’s books for any length of time, you have probably seen or read a “Little Critter” book by Mercer Mayer. 379 more words