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Saban delivers an instant classic quote on prayer, rain and The Weather Channel

Nick Saban was in a pretty good mood Wednesday when he met with reporters. During the week of Alabama’s biggest game of the year Saban seemed the most relaxed he has been all season, even joking with reporters at times. 223 more words


I Want Candy - Content Marketing and Halloween

No, its not a flashback from Mandy Moore (if you have no idea what I am talking about click here — but warning, this song will be stuck in your head for the next 5 hours.) I. 283 more words


Owl Themed Kindergarten & 3's School Lunches (and a Blogiversary!)

Today is my 2nd blog anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been two years already. It’s been such a HOOT.

To celebrate, here are two cute, little owl lunches: 48 more words

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Ask Miss Peg-o-Leg

Have you ever started an advice column without remembering a thing about it?

Apparently I did.  That’s the only way to explain all the requests for advice I’ve gotten lately; requests which, I might add, somehow landed in my spam blocker.  567 more words


Sunbutter Triangles Kindergarten School Lunch

For tomorrow’s lunch, I packed a sunbutter and strawberry jam sandwich, cut into triangles. I also packed colby jack cheese, a plum (my Bigs’ favorite!) and a cut up Star Crunch (also a childhood favorite of mine!!).

Happy Thursday!


Kid Food

Mummy Sandwich Kindergarten School Lunch

Oh, you guys. The times, they’ve been rough. My little big guy is still in his sling for his broken clavicle. He’s got to stay in that for another three weeks, we were told by his doctor today. 223 more words

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Day 18

Every night since surgery, I have dreamed that I’m eating. And it’s always something that surgery prohibits me from eating.

Like bread.

Or dessert.

Or….bread. 623 more words

Bariatric Surgery