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A plea for help, Little Debbie.

This is a rather selfish post, it is just regarding me gaining something.. I hope. This is due to my mouth desiring it to be filled with brown soft goodness. 722 more words


What's Cooking?

In the sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” the running gag was that his wife couldn’t cook. It really worked for the show. She kept making dinner, her family kept hating her cooking, they ordered Pizza a lot and Ray’s Mother had something to feel good about. 303 more words

What I ate while I was away...

This semester has begun like most others. My time is quickly filled with work, night class, day class, meetings, group projects, papers, grocery shopping, job applications, thank-you notes, and happy hour catch-ups with friends who live down the block but somehow I never see. 408 more words


HEB Love Story

I have started and then deleted this sentence too many times. And now I am just staring at the screen and asking myself “Do you let everyone in cyberspace know your deep dark secrets?” Okay, maybe not deep and I know that you have your weaknesses too. 557 more words

little debbie oatmealkakor

when i was a kid, i loved those little debbie oatmeal crème pies. my great grandmother always had them on hand.

she passed away when i was two years old, and a family favorite story goes that shortly after, we visited my grandmother and i asked her, “where’s the oatmeal cookie lady?” 142 more words


Oatmeal Creme Pies

Come back ever Thursday for a new snackerview!

Okay, I know, I already reviewed a Little Debbie snack in my Cosmic Brownies review. But you know, sometimes even a professional like me needs a vacation once in awhile. 566 more words


The most popular dessert in the South - Little Debbie cakes; and for redux: recipes that will win the heart of any Southern man worth a damn

by Angela Perez

To ensure you get laid well this Valentine’s Day, I’m going to share some recipes with you that will surely win the heart of that Southern fella you’ve got your eye on.  735 more words

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