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Happy Halloween, my sweeties!

Some little devil has awaken in Chiyo, hee hee! Do you have any asks? Also, I’ll be probably doing a little tinychat or omegle adventure for Halloween. 6 more words

Halloween Asks?

‘Sup guys. Ready for Halloween, cuz I’ve got this under control. Any asks? After all, I’m perfect.

Once upon a time...

A little story I wrote because I felt like it and I am tried of writing essays…

Once upon a time, up in the clouds high up, there lived a little angel. 1,266 more words

Random Cats

Little afternoon treats/devils?

And I wonder why my diet is not working? Seriously. Who am I fooling? Obviously only myself.┬áIt’s that time of the day, when there is 4 hours left, and the afternoon seems to drag. 184 more words

Every Day