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Απαγωγή 4χρονης: Χειροπέδες σε τέσσερα πρόσωπα

Δικηγόρος μητέρας 4χρονης: Το ιστορικό

Τέσσερα άτομα, τρεις Κύπριοι και ένας Σύρος, συνελήφθησαν αργά χθες βράδυ από την Αστυνομία για την υπόθεση απαγωγής του τετράχρονου κοριτσιού που σημειώθηκε χθες το πρωί έξω από νηπιαγωγείο στη Λευκωσία.


A Little Girl Has Her Way

Dedicated to the precious moments I get to spend with the two little princesses who are two thirds of all of my most sacred loves each of these bound to me under God. 92 more words

Why would I almost cry

I never think about my early childhood. 3,4,5. Those were the years I remember bits and pieces. My brothers Godsister tagged me in a video of a little girl counting. 101 more words

Notice me, take my hand...

There is a special kind of innocence, one that survives through the years, creating that magic light in our eyes. This morning, while I was watching my little girl running and playing through the fresh green grass, I found myself smiling and dreaming away, chasing rainbows and counting my blessings. 445 more words


quiche pie

“Sis, I’m gonna make a quiche to take to our brunch.”

“Oooh… a quiche pie? I love those! Can I help?”

rockin’ the rockin’ knife…

Little Girl

The reason I gave our daughter an old lady name 

We call our daughter Meme for the most part…unless we are mad or serious; then we instert the FULL name, birthday, and time born.

Her name is one you could easily find in a nursing home, but is also trending as we speak. 333 more words


VIDEO: Toddler's Bear From Deployed Dad Has The Most Precious Feature

It’s tough for parents and children alike when a loved one is in the military. Any little thing to help close the gap of that distance helps. 110 more words