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Raise Your Voice

I watched a little girl almost run out into traffic today.

I was across the street from her, and cars were whizzing by. Her older brother was waiting patiently, but I guess she couldn’t. 261 more words

Beauty. Babies. Bathrooms.

Not coincidentally, most of the blog posts that I write that really resonate with readers are the very same posts that really resonate with me.  The posts that make me laugh or cry, make me introspective and reflective, make me transparent and emotional.   557 more words



Stella is such a sweet girl. I took these pictures while she was playing around. No posing, purely candid. These are some of my favorite pictures. 17 more words

A day without a woman: A letter to my daughter

Dear Raegan,

Today on International Women’s Day or A day without a woman, I wanted to make sure you know what this day meant for mommy and my hopes for you in the future. 698 more words

Brown Babies

MommyMoments: After School Snacks

I hit a parenting milestone: my once squishy, chubby face baby girl is now a 3 year old toddler. Even though she’s still a little body her eating habits have grown and grown each and every year. 172 more words


A Letter to My 33 Year Old Daughter

My mom said my last blog inspired her and to please share it with you all.

Without further ado here is her letter

Dear Leah, 172 more words

Stay At Home Mom

Babies don't keep.

Oh, my sweet Brea. I’m loving this phase in our relationship. There are moments when I miss the little baby who needed me for everything, and the feeling I got from experiencing all those milestones and a new “first” every month…but then I look at her now. 442 more words