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making out with walls

Oh sweet, sweet evening hours before and after dinner. When our voices get hoarse from all the talking (really it’s yelling but I don’t want to sound like one of those moms…. 279 more words

Playing in the Park

A few pictures I took in Alaska of my best friend’s sisters playing in the park.

Aren’t they the cutest?

Talk to you soon,



Three days

Three days

Missing the sounds of your voice

Missing the love that I felt

Missing the safety of your love

The embrace of your arms… 97 more words

Happy 4th Birthday, Landri!

Geez it’s hard to think that Landri is already 4! She’s grown up in so many ways and it’s been the coolest experience having the privilege of being her parents. 746 more words


Booming Bella and Book History 102: On Loud Little Girls

Okay, so, yes, there’s that weird rhyme about girls are sugar and spice and everything nice while boys are frogs and snakes or whatever, which would be rude if it made any sense. 925 more words


Hairy Situation

When I was inĀ fourth grade I desperately wanted to shave my legs. Most of the girls my age were already shaving, while I looked more like I soaked my legs in Rogaine every morning. 1,254 more words

The dreaded "L" word, Lice

My week has been filled with the dreaded news that one of the minis picked up lice and shared it amongst her sisters. Nightmare! In that moment, it felt like the shower scene from… 548 more words