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Girl's Tutu For Spring

This vibrant yellow tutu is perfect for Spring!  Think photo shoots, special occasions or just simply playing dress up.  You can layer two of them for extra oomph.  23 more words

Winter Weather Advisory

Yes.  I’m irritated.  I have a  million things to do at school right now.  Grade papers.  Organize elections.  Plan lessons.  Teach the children.  Okay, maybe not a million.   640 more words

Life took over...

I wanted to start my new projects tonight. They are mini habitats in a hat box but life took over. Lately my sissy sue (she’s my youngest and 2) has decided that 4 am is a great time to start her day and no amount of coaxing or tough love changes it so I’ve just been going with it. 127 more words


Little Girl Envy

Meet Joey…an almost 2 year old diva that I have the absolute pleasure of babysitting from time to time. 93 more words


Princess Culture by Blake Fitch

Photographer Blake Fitch lets young girls roam through New England in a series of shots featuring the girls dressed as their favourite princess. Fitch took up the project after her four-year-old daughter began her princess obsession, henceforth causing her mother to question if it “just happens” or is challenging girls and women from a very young age by defining their views on beauty (must be perfect at all times) femininity and talents. 104 more words



I didn’t work (on my feet) today. Yay! I spent the majority of the day hanging out with my daughter around the house. She is such a special little girl. 276 more words

Not daddy's little girl

For every little girl your dad should be the first guy in your life.The provider and protector.He sets the tone for the men who come after.But what about the absentee fathers?Absent physically,emotionally,mentally, etc… 493 more words