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The possession

I quite liked this film as it wasn’t just a stereotypical possession film, for example the Jewish exorcism which was strangely and quite nicely different. Another thing that was quite cool but strange is the part where you see the fingers in the back of her throat. 80 more words


The Ring 2

This is a very debatable film as it is a sequel but for a sequel it could be far worse than it is. This film isn’t brilliant but its not bad. 182 more words


Claire // 6 months

Since turning 6 months old in February, Claire’s personality has become more and more bubbly every day, it seems.  I thought she was going to be our serious baby at first, but over the last few months she has become such a cheerful little girl!   425 more words


Baby Girl Needs a Nap!

One day last week…

We’d just gotten home after I picked her and her sister up from school and daycare. Baby Girl was a bit grumpy because apparently she didn’t have a very good nap at ‘nap time’. 289 more words


Good Friday Through 8 & 10 Year Old Eyes.

Tonight, I attended a Good Friday service with my family.  As part of the service, there were several stations set up in an area of the church that were designed to help worshipers enter into the experience of Christ’s betrayal and crucifixion.   356 more words

The Ring

A film that was always talked about for being one of the scariest films when i was a kid id the ring and i have to say it is a good film although not scary as much as creepy. 167 more words


Dancing in the Sunset | Family Storytelling | The McClung Family ::

When large families contact me for photography it is one of the most thrilling things!  I just love large families!!  I love the LOVE in big families! 172 more words