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Hairy Situation

When I was inĀ fourth grade I desperately wanted to shave my legs. Most of the girls my age were already shaving, while I looked more like I soaked my legs in Rogaine every morning. 1,254 more words

The dreaded "L" word, Lice

My week has been filled with the dreaded news that one of the minis picked up lice and shared it amongst her sisters. Nightmare! In that moment, it felt like the shower scene from… 548 more words


Big Yellow Doggie 11 August 2016

My Grandpa Piskac gave me my Big Yellow Doggie and I loved that stuffed dog until his fur was matted and worn. He seemed gigantic to this bony little girl: my protector, my champion. 101 more words

Raising a Princess

Bart is determined that when she grows up she is going to be a Princess and so we have explained to her the only way she can become a Princess is if she marries a Prince. 51 more words


Look, over there! What's behind that curtain?!

My experience as a mother to five girls with a truly loving husband has been life changing. And I really mean that. The grace and care my husband has is amazing, and that gentleness he exudes is definitely needed in a house filled with hormone-destined females. 317 more words


Oh, to school we go!

It’s the time of year again when all of the kiddos are getting back to school. This is the first year all five of my girls will be obtaining some form of education. 512 more words


Now let me introduce myself

Hello, readers! Welcome to my first experience in blogging. I am a thirty-something mother of five young girls. I know right!? My life is filled with love, and there is never a dull moment. 121 more words