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Three little girls overheard in conversation The first little girl says from out of nowhere ” Peach porridge hot ”  The second little girl responds with  ” Peach porridge cold ” Now the third little girl bright alert and smiling chimes in ” Let’s go get some pot”


Raising Girls

Only a slight cop out this week as I’m including a link rather than writing myself, but with my news from last week I was reminded of the article below. 58 more words



The cool, breezy days are leaving us, and we are at the point where the windows and doors will stay closed for the summer.  I have been enjoying the cool weather so much, and I’ve been making sure to appreciate every moment while it’s been with us.   222 more words


Ones Instead of Twos

by StarVeins

Some advice for the stupid.

You shouldn’t mess with little girls who have ones instead of twos

Who have only Mommies and not Daddies… 383 more words

Mass, Munchkins, & My little Jedi in training...

Day 203

Another weekend, another chance to spend time with my favorite short person… Today it was off to Mass, followed by a trip to the donut shop, and then home to play Star Wars.   118 more words



Binge: (n) a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess

Until guilt learns how to work in harmony with willpower, we will all feel like marionettes dangling from strings. 248 more words

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