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Stiff Neck No More With This Cheap Trick

A smart trick to make your little girl more comfortable when washing her hair……try a pool noodle. They are only a dollar at most places and make her neck super comfortable. 12 more words


The Cold, Hard Truth

I had been led to believe I was the perfect child for most of my adult life. Then one day my mother dragged out a box of letters that she’d written to my departed grandmother. 506 more words

Believe In Our Queens: 3 Rules To Manifesting A Queen By India Rochelle

“I can’t say I’m conceited, but I am proud. I can’t say that I’m ashamed of my radiance because from the texture of my hair, the dialect in my voice, and my complexion; I know that I am art. 1,201 more words


In Which I Take a Joke Too Seriously

Because that’s what you do on the internet, right?

I see this picture go by once in a while, and it always bothers me. I realize that little girls who have leadership skills have often been called bossy unjustly. 365 more words


Some cutest scalloped dresses in Babeeni's Scallop collection

If you are considering what to buy for your little girl in the upcoming party, scalloped dress will be a great suggestion for you to take care. 435 more words

A-line Dresses

Raising Bright Minded Girls

How about instead of telling a little girl that she’s pretty, we tell her that she’s becoming a great reader?

What if we talk about an important historical personality with a little girl instead of talking about makeup? 387 more words

Some Thoughts on Children (Or Lack Thereof)

A little girl without a doll is more or less as miserable and just as impossible as a woman without a child. – From Les Misérables… 306 more words