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Sexism, victim-blaming, and leggings: Get em while they're young?

I want to quickly say something about this BS of victim-blaming at the ripe old age of 6 years old, and before these particular girls have presumably even become victims of anything. 498 more words

Social Commentary

Where Did Baby Go?

A Little Golden Book by Sheila Hayes

Illustrated by Eloise Wilkin

There once was a little girl who was always and forever asking questions: “How do birds fly?…Why can’t I touch the sky?…What makes flowers grow?…Where do snowflakes come from?”  One day, when the little girl was wandering about thinking up new questions, she saw something lying on a table. 693 more words


Dresses for Irene & Maggie

On the eve of our first trunk show, which will reveal the 2015 Spring Collection of little girl dresses made by The Bee, I’m honored to post these lovely thoughts from Sarah who placed our first custom dress order (through… 226 more words

Shug's Notes

March 25, 2015

Sorry I’m late today….

He didn’t know how he’d ended up here.

Ok, so technically, how he’d gotten there… He’d driven himself, obviously.

He just wasn’t sure what he’d done to deserve this seventh circle of hell. 840 more words