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4-Year-Old Speaks 7 Languages

Do you remember what you could do when you were 4?

Maybe you have young children in your life, and think you have a Baby Einstein under your roof. 38 more words


Minty Memories

Isn’t it funny how just a taste, smell, or song can bring back a flood of precious memories that somehow you hadn’t thought about in years. 316 more words

Free Write

Daddy Issues

We all have them to some degree, don’t we? Women, I mean. I won’t speak for men, though I’m sure some of them do as well. 1,122 more words


An Open Letter to another Father

From one father to another, shame on you Sir. You have abandoned your daughter during a time when she has made what may be one her greatest decisions, one based on love, unencumbered, selfless and undeterred love. 475 more words