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I've become a Soccer Mom

Its official…I’m a soccer mom. The days of running around and shuttling my kids to practices, games, lessons and meetings has begun. Being a soccer mom also means I’ve been promoted to chauffeur, bag lady, hydration specialist, drive thru regular and #1 fan. 543 more words

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What's a myPod?

A myPod is a small lightweight teardrop camper made by Little Guy.  It’s lightweight because the frame is aluminum and the outer walls are molded fiberglass–which means no leaks. 71 more words


Holy Plumbing Problem Batman

Little guy has been part of the fully potty trained club for about a year now. I gotta tell you, it’s pretty freakin fantastic. We don’t even have to ask him if he has to go anymore. 895 more words

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Government helps the Little Guy?

Some people justify Big Government by claiming that it helps the Little Guy. This romantic view is largely political salesmanship. Big Government is more about helping politicians, government workers, and powerful special interest groups than the Little Guy. 1,328 more words


{milestones} the little guy is ten




the little guy is not so little anymore.

don’t let his tough exterior fool you, he is incredibly caring and tenderhearted. he might like to play lacrosse, ride BMX bikes, and do all kinds of other crazy stuff, but he is sensitive to others needs and very loyal to his family and friends. 281 more words

Little Guy

Keeping all the things I knew inside

I didn’t realize how bad I was missing Uncle until these past two weeks. They weren’t fun weeks. One week work blows up on me and I completely scare the shit out of the Old White Dude. 929 more words

Mental Health

Where I Stand

(At a young age, I was already stubborn, willing to fight. This was written in 1995 when I was 15)

You found me here, just like I said you would… 144 more words