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When one thinks of Charles Dickens the Tale of two Cities, there are also thoughts of other stories based on those times. Hans Christian Anderson also wrote something about the times. 191 more words

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Little Match Girl.

‘Little Match Girl’ raises awareness for poor children in China

This “Little Match Girl” walked out of Hans Christian Andersen’s story onto a street in Shanghai on Tuesday. 79 more words


Andersen's Little Match Girl

Here is an aspirational dramatic story about hope, love and generosity, the important matters in life, set in the last day of the calendar year, … 584 more words


Literary Advent Calendar- 22nd December

Open to reveal day 22 of the Literary Advent Calendar.


Nancy: A Christmas Tale of Woe

When my daughter was in third grade, I got a call from her teacher early in December. No, not that kind of call. This call was a request that I come in just before the holiday break later in the month to share some Danish Christmas traditions with my daughter’s class. 520 more words

Nancy Hunter

The final stave of

The Little Match Girl

Stave 4

The little match girl struck another

Match against the wall;

From its flame her grandmother

Shone bright, glittering and mild. 66 more words


A Little Match Girl

Author’s note: this article isn’t funny or about my kids like my posts usually are. It is probably more a journal entry than an article. I offer it to the world as my prayer at Christmas.

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