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English Lesson 114: The Little Men

As you know, little men is a book about a school called Plumsfield, where both boys and girls that are either disabled, poor, or just rude or sent. 261 more words


English Lesson 113: Little Men

In this part of he book, I going to cover chapters 5-6. In the former chapter, Daisy gets a new play set. IT starts off when she is not allowed to play football with the boys. 123 more words


English Lesson 112: Little Men

In chapter 3-4, Nat spends his first Sunday at the school. They spend a portion of their time with Grandpa, but since he doesn’t live next to Plumsfield, the boys and the girls have to travel by wagon. 436 more words


The Joys of Siblings

I was desperate for my second baby.

I couldn’t wait to get pregnant and enjoy all that squashy babyness.

Everyone told me that a three year age gap between my children was a ‘good one’. 220 more words


March TBR

Okay, so I’ve decided on what I want to read for this months. I guess you can say, most of them would be rereads.

Christmas greetings to you in the spirit of Louisa May Alcott

Remembering the Spirit of Christmas from Little Men:

“Were they poor children?” asked Nat, wistfully.

“Yes, I think so; you see some haven’t got hardly any clothes on, and the mothers don’t look like rich ladies. 357 more words

Louisa May Alcott

Warning of grand projects!

How you do recognize grandiose projects that could harm you and your environment.

1. If something sounds too good to be true, it’s often NOT TRUE. 276 more words