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Review: Fun for the little ones!

My daughter loves loves music! Once we get into the car I have to put on her CD or she throws a fit. I am so glad I now have… 619 more words

Motivation from heyy_itsmari

But the YOU project has no deadline. You should always strive to set goals for yourself, big ones, little ones, scary ones, fun ones! You have to constantly improve on the things that YOU know can be better. 28 more words


Underfoot : Schooling With Little Ones

She climbs on their backs while they’re writing, she lays over their books while they’re trying to read, she colours on the book reports they just finished, she interrupts them incessantly.  856 more words

There used to be angels.

In my hometown there is a Byzantine Catholic Church.  It has a sprawling front lawn through which a path and Stations of the Cross wind.  When my husband and I lived in this town, we would sometimes walk there and walk the stations with our son (who was 2-3 at the time).  209 more words


Baby Album(s) Prep

My c-section date is almost a week away.  In my time before the boys arrive, I have been trying to think of as many things that I can do now to make my life easier after the births.  346 more words

Little Ones

The Quicks

Miss me? For those of you who excused my lack of blogging and general activity as just being busy with all these things I lined up for the last 6 months of my 20s… 333 more words

Little Ones