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I’m 1772, Little Rock, Arkansas was first discovered by Jean-Baptiste Bénard de la Harpe, a French explorer who also discovered part of Oklahoma. The first causasian settler in Little Rock was a fur trapper named William R. 57 more words

Jean-Baptiste Bénard De La Harpe

Is there movement on Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation? You decide! ~ August 10, 2018

Editor’s note: Thanks J. for sending me this article found on Reddit. I would advise folks that this may be the beginning of the end of the current life of despair we are all encouraged to live. 238 more words

Body found in Arkansas pasture identified as woman missing since 2016 | Arkansas Online

A body found last week in a Arkansas pasture has been identified as being a woman who went missing in 2016, authorities said Monday.

Deputies with the Hot Spring County sheriff’s office have been searching for Susan Cooper for nearly two years, after she was last seen in Malvern, Sheriff Mike Cash said. 16 more words


Dean Goodson of Little Rock: Certified Arborists

Dean Goodson has established an excellent reputation in and around Little Rock, Arkansas, as the President of Giraffe Tree Service. He works with a team of certified arborists to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and he takes pride in making sure each project goes off without issue. 141 more words

Dean Goodson Little Rock

Arkansas adoptees get access to birth records

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Arkansas adoptees now have the opportunity to access their once-sealed birth files.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reports that adoptees age 21 and older were allowed to request their birth records starting Wednesday. 97 more words


Απαγορευμένος Κήπος aka Forbidden Garden

Ένας απαγορευμένος κήπος είναι περιφραγμένος.
Με πολύ ψηλό τοίχο.
Δημιουργημένος για μάτια λίγων.
Αυτών που τον καλλιεργούν.
Εκείνων που τον απολαμβάνουν.
Μια τέλεια εγωιστική πράξη.
Μόνο οι επίλεκτοι θα βλέπουν τις εποχιακές μεταμορφώσεις, θα αγγίζουν τα φύλλα, θα μυρίζουν
τους ανθούς, θα εμπνέονται από την διαρκώς εναλλασσόμενη χρωματική παλέτα.
Εμείς θα αντιμετωπίζουμε το όριο και θα ενισχύουμε την φαντασία.
Περιμένοντας την στιγμή εκείνη που κάποιο αναρριχώμενο θα διαφύγει της προσοχής, θα
σκαρφαλώσει τον πολύ ψηλό τοίχο, θα εξαπλωθεί και από την άλλη, την εξωτερική πλευρά.
Θα είναι ένα φλύαρο αναρριχώμενο, κισσός ίσως.
Θα μας περιγράψει τα ανείδωτα.
Και μυστικά δεν θα είναι πια…
Γιατί “απαγορευμένα” δεν ήταν ποτέ.

Τζένη Βακαλοπούλου

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Postcard to Little Rock, Arkansas

I sent this postcard to Terry in Little Rock, Arkansas. There isn’t specific information on the back concerning the painter, so the recipient was kind enough to research the artist and found out his name is Harry Anderson. 245 more words