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Pinnacle Mountain State Park

I really need a good camera. I had another day of not great sun light. I digress, this is almost a part two of my first trip to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. 420 more words

Message in a Bottle Mystery SOLVED! Arkansas Senders of 2007 Message Found!


We did it, everyone! Thanks to your interest and the tireless efforts of Victoria Price at Arkansas’ Fox 16 News, my family has connected with Larry and Janie Sigler of Little Rock, who sent this message in a bottle in 2007 that… 647 more words

Message In A Bottle

Large Home Love

On occasion an exceptionally exciting renovation comes along. You are about to meet the McClure residence, also known as #jwdfoxpartyofsix on Instagram. I may have posted about this one j-u-s-t a little. 615 more words

Southwest Credit Card CA Companion Deal

My husband and I, Fearless Parents, just found out about the Southwest Credit Card CA Companion deal from our financial advisor. This deal gives you the ability to travel with a companion for free until end of 2018.  631 more words

I’ve Been Everywhere

To me, learning new things is the best part of travel. I usually plan a trip down to the most minute detail… but this time, for the first time, I left room for lots of other things to happen, and great things did! 817 more words

Personal Growth

Walker, Texas Roadtrip

It’s that time of year again!!!!! This year we chose Texas as our destination because our rental car last year (the Corolla, our noble steed that saw us safely to… 1,723 more words


Roadtrip! Part III: Memphis & Little Rock

Time to head home! We decided to do the return journey over 2 days rather than 3 with a couple of stops: One in Memphis, TN and one in Little Rock, AR. 1,688 more words