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Having wonderful next moments: a few bad instances do not define your day

A day worth celebrating

Is a day that is not just high.

But one that is peppered with lows.

But it is a day, like every other, where we pick ourselves up after the lows. 654 more words

Little Star Does

Suzanne Lazaroo: A Volunteer's Testimonial On Playing with Little Star

This was a bittersweet week, as it was the last time for Suzanne Lazaroo to play with Little Star. She will soon be migrating to Australia. 630 more words

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"Go out eat!"

OMG. I hope I don’t jinx anything by blogging about it.
But Little Star’s speech is finally moving along!
We have waited so long for this moment. 595 more words

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Diary entry: Moving Mountains

A reminder to myself that even on days where there was alot of exclusivity and isming, there are still alot of opportunities for appreciating red lights, and green light moments. 721 more words

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Making people less scary

One of the key things with children and adults with autism – is that people are “scary”. I say “scary” in the sense that our kids may not be typically afraid, as some of ours can be downright gutsy (ever had your kid scale cupboards or want to climb every tree in sight?). 770 more words

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