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LITTLE TOKYO: The best way to eat Uncle Tetsu's Cheesecake

Since the last time I ate Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake, just over a year ago, the man has really expanded his operation. He’s now got Uncle Tetsu’s Matcha Cafe right next door, and he’s opened up another shop at Union Station…so the guy’s pretty much got the public transportation market covered. 289 more words

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LITTLE TOKYO: It's like sushi on steroids, bro!

Now, I may not be the world’s biggest sushi fan, but I loves me some burritos, so if you put the two together, then I shouldn’t have any problem with that. 276 more words

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Korean BBQ at Little Tokyo

Little Tokyo has always been a popular hang out spot for my friends who are into Jrock and anime. Various shops containing lolita clothing, anime and video game figures, mangas and other Japanese pop culture are scattered throughout the area. 237 more words


LITTLE TOKYO: The mother of all ramen

Now, there’s a whole buncha places serving up ramen in Toronto, but most people will tell you, Sansotei is the best. And lemme say, this place is tiny–they’ve got four six-top tables, two four-top booths and a counter for two up front. 236 more words

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LITTLE TOKYO: King Curry Challenge...accepted!

Now, there’s this funky little Japanese joint called Gyugyuya, which sounds like one of my heavy-metal warmup exercises from The Zen of Screaming. And you won’t find any sushi, sashimi or Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecake at this place–all they do is curry. 296 more words

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Jist Cafe - Little Tokyo

Would you eat something that’s been sitting in a 70-year-old marinade? At ¬†Jist Cafe in Little Tokyo, the mother marinade for their pork belly chashu has been added to and then cooked off for that long. 369 more words

LITTLE TOKYO: Eating all the sushi @ Kyoto House

Toronto’s hottest culinary area is turning Dundas St. West Japanese. In just a couple blocks, you’ve got sushi, mochi, curry, ramen and bubble tea–not to mention… 566 more words

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