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On the road!

Let’s the adventure begins!

Thank you for following the project. I hope you learned a bit about yoga, capoeira, well-being or challenge yourself. These 2 sports-arts are an incredible way to connect people to each other.

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Writer’s Mind — One Thousand Little Words

You don’t have to be crazy to be a writer. But it helps. There’s a reason most writers are a little unhinged. Einstein is often quoted for saying insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result.

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spare words

i speak when it is necessary. people fling words into the air like candy on Christmas Eve. it falls hurting, infuriating, raging, saddening, criticizing, sinning, envying, eating emotions and complaining, arguing, draining those it falls on… 11 more words


candles in water

manifestando with screams you could never hear.

loud and unexpected.

life changing things which never ever changed a life

wet flames that could melt the whole alpes… 13 more words

Little Words


هجوم مي برم به تخت
به پتوي سردم
و زيرش
وسط تاريكي كه ساخته ام
خودم را از چشم دنياي خيلي واقعي
قايم مي كنم
از حرارت تن و نفس خودم گرم مي شوم
و يادم مي آيد با غرور
كه هيچ وقت
از سرما نخواهم مرد
دست كم تا وقتي كه زنده و گرمم.
Little Words

pregnant in myself

It has been thirty-one years

of me

not being born yet.

Little Words

If Not Now, Then When?


Hi, fellas! (in a Poppy ‘The Golden Circle Villain’ way)

For starter, I’ll give my short little speech to make this blog sounds serious. And I swear it is. 88 more words

Little Words