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My Little

My little words

What can they do

To bring glory to You

Lost in translation

To describe salvation

I give my words to You

My little hands… 21 more words



Every moment you were physically here.
Every second you remain with me to this day.

Every lesson you taught me.
Every memory you left me. 128 more words


Little Words

Your little words, could be wasted breath.

Could have kissed heaven, or tasted death.

But, I am an ocean of infinite depth without a crossing, 65 more words


Beyond the Window

It was.

As with all things.

A step of enlightenment that brought hesitation.

Like walking on thin ice on a warm day.

It all comes down to timing.

Little Words

Little Words #2

Ropes tied up with stones,
feet torn, decorated with wounds.
Drawing made with sweat and blood,
portrayed naturally on the landscape.
They feel the weight, took the whole spirit to lift up… 103 more words

Little Words

Perfect Flowers in Imperfect Places

Tiny wild violet
Growing so proud and true
Delicate and fair, but resiliant too
Ever loving shadows
The tiny wild violet
Sprouts colonies of blooms… 31 more words