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Up and running

(Queen writes)

There’s a faith we all share in common. We all go to bed with a strong faith of seeing the break of a new day, a new sun, another 7am. 90 more words

Creative Writing

Big Words

Five years old, darkest of hair and bluest of eyes. She is sweet as cherry, sour as lemon and her moods storm our classroom like a southerly bluster – on the regular! 163 more words



No matter what your politics. No matter what your faith. No matter what your class. No matter what your sexuality. No matter what your race. If you do not have hate in your heart I have common ground with you. 32 more words

Therapeutic Mutterings

When Storytelling Conquers Tragedy

On the Island of Simeulue in Indonesia, South East Asia, the tradition of ‘Smong’ (local storytelling) saved thousands of lives. The power of the 2004… 95 more words


WESat: August 30, 2014 – The Confabulation of Prevarication

Be honest – how many of you had to look up one or two of the words in that title? If you did you’ll know that the title is nonsense; I just stuck in a couple big words to make it sound impressive. 456 more words

Writing Challenge

The only words I can say..

I never get to hold you tight,
to tell you how much I’ll be missing you,
to tell you how much you mean to me, 97 more words

Good Bye