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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 52: Very Little to do

I have very little to do at work at the moment.
So little, in fact, that you could say that there is nothing for me to do, other than sort through various items if I so choose. 515 more words


Rocking Chair

Winter has come the snow has fallen. Gigi is wearing her favourite pink snowsuit and black boots. Outside in the sparkling snow she is building a rather lumpy snowman. 139 more words




  1. Of little value or importance; paltry.
  2. Petty; mean.
  1. My husband always thinks of my opinions as picayune.
  2. Sarah’s mouth is dirty always spouting picayune comments about others.

'The Little Prince' Trailer Gives Classic Tale an Animated Twist

AppId is over the quota
AppId is over the quota
Jeff Bridges voices a pilot who introduces a young girl to a magical world in a new trailer for Paramount’s ‘The Little Prince’.BYBrian Gallagher | November 24th, 2015… 442 more words


live in the moment

Every teenage girl dreams of getting a wonderful job, finding the perfect ‘Prince Charming’, settling down and getting married, right? Wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally thought that was what I truly wanted until about a week ago. 423 more words



It is typically crisp autumn day. Gigi is outside, jumping and rolling in the small piles of leaves she makes for herself. Across the street Joseph and Cora are raking the leaves on their own front lawn. 113 more words


Handmade Polymer Clay Cute Owl Pendant with Little Ladybug on the Leaf

Gemstone Pendants
Kingman Turquoise Cross Pendant http://www.southwestsilv…
You are going to buy this? Yes or No?
Gemstone Pendants Raven’s Treasure – Tanzanite, Labradorite & Sunstone Crystal Energy Pendant… Wire-wrapped double bail for pendants (Love My Art Jewelry) Black Lace A… 12 more words