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Summer Uniform : Ode to the Little Blue Dress

The little blue dress. I could easily get poetic about them. I feel my sartorial best when I wear one. My little black dress has always been blue. 1,156 more words


Playing With Armello's Latest Rat Bastard

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Fantasy board/card game Armello was one of my favorite games of 2015. While it remains just as fun to play now as it was then… 240 more words


The Best Thing About Lego Bastion Is Taking Him Apart Again

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Imagine the warm wave of catharsis washing over you as you spend your post-match taking apart Piggy Brother’s fantastic Lego rendition of Overwatch’s Bastion brick-by-brick. 216 more words


little: qiviut.

My Aunt Marie gave me this skein of qiviut from Greenland.

It is soft, folks. So soft.


The Little Boy With The Big Golden Voice From The Philippines Went Viral! I Couldn't Believe What I just Heard! WATCH!

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The Philippines is among the many countries known as a home of the talents; as many known actors, athletes and performers in International television rose from the country and were later on recognized all across the globe.



Gone Fishing

Part one:

He takes his line and applies the bait one more time. Frustrated and confused, He attempts to capture this little and evasive fish. He has already captured this bigger fish and put it in His container on His boat. 403 more words