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5 Games you should totally play if you're creative

Guess who’s creative? MEEEEEEE!!! That being said, I’d like to recommend some games for you if you’re also creative. Short intro over, Here we go! 536 more words


Nigmabox Rundown (6/26-7/02) Escape To The Next Reality

I’m going to keep this introduction brief, as I have a Zero Time Dilemma to solve, and I’d rather find the solution sooner than later.  So… Yeah.   1,172 more words


Little Big Planet: Most Creative Game Ever?

What makes a creative game?  Some might same bright colors, others may say unique concepts, either way Little Big Planet brings us both bright colors and unique concepts.   319 more words


LittleBigPlanet 3

Date Completed: February 21, 2016

The original LittleBigPlanet game wouldn’t have normally been something on my radar but a colleague of mine (Lets call him MDL for short) became a very big fan and even earned one of the Rare Prize Crown accessories as a level design contest reward.   445 more words


A Game I Thought I'd Dislike but Wound Up Loving

Hi, hi! Welcome to day 29 of the video game challenge! Today’s challenge is ‘a game I thought I would dislike but wound up loving’. 205 more words

3 Video Games, One Review!

One thing about me that a lot of people learn over time is that I am a big gamer. There will atleast be one review a month about games here by me. 552 more words

General Reviews

A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good - Ghost of Sparta

I love that video games aren’t only tied to screens. Take a look at these small representations of the famous butcher of gods! 128 more words