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Season Five, Episode Seven, The Gift

Jon Snow heading off into battle at last.

Is Sansa going to wake Theon up? Does he have a bit of love for Moody Stark? Looks like winter might have arrived. 340 more words

Season Five, Episode Three, High Sparrow

You may have noticed that I have slowed down my viewing pace a little. This is because, much like winter, the end of season five is coming and then I’ll be up to speed and my catch up adventure will be over. 434 more words

Season Five, Episode Two, The House of Black and White

Arya is on a seemingly deserted island about to go into a sinister building. “Hello” doesn’t seem like a suitably epic greeting for this creepy guy. 347 more words

Season Four, Episode Seven, Mockingbird

“Kill a king, lose a hand, fuck your own sister and you’re still the golden son”.  Brilliant. And then he expects Jaime to be his champion? 217 more words

Season Four, Episode Four, Oathkeeper

Not a promising opening – the crap translator teaching Grey Worm English, or whatever they call it in Westeros. He can barely speak his own name yet now she has gone off on a rambling monologue about the village of her birth. 496 more words

Season Three, Episode Three, Breaker of Chains

I’m now in denial about the red wedding and Joffrey. I think the message this series is giving out is DON’T GET MARRIED.

Oh Cersei, you are barking up the wrong tree there. 365 more words