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Plotting out the chessboard: who was where and when during and before the Rebellion?

At least once a month, if not more on /r/asoiaf someone asks…

Hey guys – does anyone know why Benjen Stark took the black?

I mean, House Stark had just been decimated and sure, Ned was married but he only had one (legitimate) son and his wife was pretty pissed with him for bringing home a bastard… wouldn’t it be more prudent for Benjen to hang around, get married and supply some spare Starks?

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Character Analysis

Game of Thrones and Guards: Get Good Ones

As the title suggests, this post will be covering Game of Thrones, specifically the quality of the armed (in some cases, hired) help. If you’re not caught up with the sixth season, then be warned that I will be talking spoilery plot points that had sweeping political ramifications. 2,125 more words


The Littlefinger Plot

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is a schemer, but his long term plans are as murky as the mind behind them. From what we know of his plotting so far, they must be ambitious, primal, and not just a little insane. 1,810 more words

Major plot changing in Game Of Thrones

Novels and series based on novels are totally indifferent from each other. I have read every book related to Harry Potter and have watched every single movie based on the book. 403 more words

Frightfully Funny? -The Monk, by Matthew Lewis

 In essence: Ambrosio is very holy monk until he gives into lust, greed and pride. He descends into vice and pretty much screws life up for everyone else. 662 more words

Book Review

Vote Game of Thrones

For anyone sick and tired of politics (British, American or whatever) Game of Thrones is offering its own alternative.

It’s asking fans to vote for a leader of the GOT Party. 113 more words


The Heir to Harrenhal

The Vale storyline from TWOW is expected to be very different from rest of the book, because everything is still a game for the Vale populace. 1,235 more words