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Tuesday's Truth - Dragon Blood Tree [#5]

The Dragon Blood Tree (Dracaena Cinnabari) is probably one of the coolest trees that I have come across!

The tree is native to Socotra, off the horn of Africa. 154 more words


New Release!

With great excitement, I am glad to announce that my latest work Paper Cut Outs will be published soon!

The story follows 17 year old Teagan in the summer after her junior year; the story is based after the 2 worst days of her life: 381 more words


Hidden Up My Sleeve

Welcome to my website!

What I’ve got hidden up my sleeve for my latest work is sure to excite any fantasy fan! From mythical creatures, castles and battles, the story of young Mirah and her journey as she sacrifices everything for the innocent is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Stay posted for updates!


Thursday's Thoughts - Dedication's a Difficult One [#2]

With writing, I’ve always found dedication to be easy when things are the same; watching the same shows, reading the same series/type of book, watching the same types of movies. 161 more words


Friday Fun - Letting Cables Sleep [#2]

I covered Letting Cables Sleep by Bush this week, as this song has always had a special little place in my heart; since I watched an anime music video of Toradora. 77 more words


Thursday's Thoughts - Living Out Of Home [#1]

When I was just shy of 18, I moved out of home and in with my boyfriend. It was quite a transition, and while it was great living with my boyfriend, my mother had just moved to the UK, and I had stayed behind in South Africa. 396 more words


Tuesday's Truth - The Mimic Octopus [#1]

I came across the Mimic Octopus (thaumoctopus mimicus) while I was browsing the internet, and I thought that the perfect way to start off my Tuesday’s Truth is this adorable little guy. 175 more words