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Lenten Community

Last week we reflected on the first of three aspects of Lent that I find are not prominent in our current Catholic Culture; tonight, we delve into the second. 939 more words


The word ‘Lent’ itself comes from the old English word for Spring. It’s not about feeling gloomy for forty days. It’s not about making yourself miserable for forty days.

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Lent - An Invitation Into God's Heart

A great prayer practice for families with older children: Join Common Grace in rediscovering the power of how Jesus taught us to pray. As we prepare our hearts to offer back to God our lives in this season, lets enter deeply into Jesus’ invitation into God’s heart for the world: the Lord’s Prayer.


Children's Books for Lent

Because there are so few children’s books on Lent, I decided to provide a list of great books focusing on Passover, Seder, and the Eucharist.  As you explore these stories together, I hope  the  language, imagery, and emotions  will prepare you for  a more rich Holy Week and Easter experience. 532 more words


Lent: Journey of the Heart

You know you run in certain nerdy church circles when your Facebook feed fills up with creative ways to observe the liturgical season of Lent. One meme that is making the rounds is a “Reverse Lent Challenge,” with the message that rather than giving something up (like the proverbial chocolate) you might consider taking something on, such as making a commitment to helping a family member or friend, writing notes to lonely folks, etc… It’s a nice idea to be sure. 341 more words


A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Ah, Lent.

Lent represents so much concerning our saving grace, but for me Lent is my saving grace.

During my teenage years in West Virginia, I couldn’t stand this time of year. 473 more words


Lenten Prayer Journals

These unique prayer journals from Flame: Creative Kids Ministry make a great Lenten prayer practice for all ages. Easy to make at home. Three envelopes glued together form a booklet of sorts, and inside each pocket is tucked a separate prayer focus.  159 more words