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"Here's your sign..."

I have been thinking about signs. There are all sorts of signs in our lives. Sometimes we heed them, and quite often we obtusely ignore them. 1,967 more words

Living in the Liturgical Year

Today we celebrate Father’s Day.  When families get together and honor an integral part of the family. Along with Mother’s Day it is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States; just look at the restaurants, and the parties in the neighborhood.  419 more words



We have moved into the next phase of our liturgical year – Green is back.  The liturgical year is half over and we have celebrated the major feast seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter – now we look to how to improve ourselves as disciples.  940 more words


Who He is - Who we should try to be.

As we enter back into Ordinary Time, the school of discipleship, Holy Mother Church gives us a few more intensive lessons about our God.  During the first six months of this liturgical we have delved deeply into the act of God coming among us and giving Himself up for us and restoring our lives and how He will be intimately with us through His Spirit. 449 more words


Ordinary Time

Sometimes I find myself looking ahead in my calendar to do a survey of “coming events” thinking that once something major has happened things will turn back to normal (whatever that is!) and I’ll be able to return to a rhythm of exercise, good eating and prayer. 287 more words

Sometimes Words Matter

Happy Easter.  This evening Holy Mother Church brings to conclusion the great season of Easter.  In fact, Pentecost ends an intense multi-season celebration of God and His coming to us to lead us home. 569 more words


Unremitting Joy - 50

Just as 50 days ago the glory of the risen Lord broke from the tomb, today on Pentecost Sunday the Holy Spirit descends to stir things up and change the order that was once thought unchangeable. 57 more words

Liturgical Seasons