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Good fences...

If good fences make good neighbors then how is it that I just love my neighbors on both sides, one on the side without a fence, and the other with whom I shared a length of fence that my uncle remarked was more holes than fence?   481 more words


Certified in NY and Survived

Living in New York for a month was the best decision I ever made. Like everyone else, I explored the many pungent tunnels full of angry homo-sapiens, who I assume  539 more words


To The Love I Wasn’t Ready For, I'm Sorry

After my last relationship, the one that broke me the most, I decided to take a break from dating. I needed time alone. I needed to find myself again. 810 more words

Live And Learn

Feeling my age...

Wasn’t I just insisting that I didn’t feel my age, my chronological age?  Well, you can forget that because I think I hit the wall.  Maybe it’s just that I thought I was working Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but I was wrong.   256 more words


Almost Free-Range

I am NOT a helicopter mom. I push my kids out the door and tell them to go get dirty. And even before we moved out to the country, I encouraged my children to play unsupervised. 479 more words

Country Life


Also from February 2015 after major life changes. No revisions.

We all make mistakes; it is inevitable since we are beginners. We’re young and still learning. 390 more words


Being Human

The world can seem like a tough place sometimes. We see the rapid changes and advances in technology and we can at times fear for our children and ourselves. 939 more words

Live And Learn