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Good Vibrations

Originally written in April for Psychics Foretell.  

How messed up is it that I have lived parts of my life as if everyone’s opinion carries greater weight than my own.   501 more words

My newbie vaping mistakes 

It’s only been about 6 weeks and already, I’ve managed to screw a few things up in Vape-Land, and pretty egregiously at that.

In my defense, however, I will say that newbie vaping mistakes are pretty common.   833 more words

Information & Resources

Healing Journey: Inspire ~ For Larry ~ Getting to Terrapin

May’s theme post for Nourishing Storm.  Inspiration doesn’t always come easy.  This was inspired by my nephew, Larry, who will live forever in my heart. 254 more words

Why I Don't Share a Travel Blog with My Boyfriend: Even Though We Travel Together

For anyone who follows this blog or knows me even vaguely, almost everyone knows my boyfriend, Daniel. We’ve been together almost three years now, and much of that time has been spent traveling the world as a couple. 589 more words

Travel As Gen Y

Has PDT learn anything .....

I love old saying; some of them are so appropriate in many situations.

The one that comes to mind under these circumstances is; NEVER DEFECATE WHERE YOU MASTICATE; or something like that. 338 more words

Foolish People

I Cut All My Hair Off for Travel: And I Have No Regrets

Ah, the old travel hair conundrum. Ladies, you know what I mean. What happens when you’re on the road or living in a country where you can’t convey exactly what you’re going for with your hairstyle? 590 more words

Travel As Gen Y

Light and Dark: Spring Cleaning

Okay.  I’ve been a bit lax with posting my work lately.  This is from a few weeks ago, posted on PsychicsForetell.  More to follow in the next few days.   728 more words