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The ... Um ... Glamours Life

Remember when you went to your first formal? Finding the perfect dress–the one with lots of sparkles and a waistband that nearly cut you in two. 626 more words


The elevator ride

I read a passage about a young lady whose life was turned upside down. She was involved with an older man. To make a long story short, from reading the passage the older man knew the right things to say and do to “HOOK THE YOUNG LADY”. 589 more words


Two Unfinished Personalities.

I guess you can say we all have two personalities.

the one during the day,

If we were asked if we’re okay and happy,

we would say… 95 more words

Live And Learn

What I do When Am Struggling With The Weight Of The World On My Shoulders.

Hello. Hope you all are doing great.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who showed so much love for my blog. I just crossed 250 followers. 638 more words

Live And Learn

Emotional Dilemma

Right now, she’s stuck somewhere in between “I care” and “I don’t want to care anymore”.

She’s stuck somewhere in between “I want to stay” 139 more words

Live And Learn

Sponsors/Sugar Daddies are killing a generation.

This article was shared on a what’s app group am in and I thought I should share as my Motivational Monday to the ladies and also for parents and students. 804 more words

Live And Learn

She Likes To Pretend That She Knows About Tomorrow.

Everyday she wakes up, she’s thankful for being alive. For being healthy. For the fresher and crisper mornings. For you. And Every night she lays her head on her pillow, she prays for a good night sleep and hope for a better tomorrow with you. 145 more words

Live And Learn