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Santos As Kirk

Colombian President Juan Santos will be taking his Nobel Peace Prize money and going on the road with a one-man play entitled “Santos as Captain Kirk.” 35 more words

Live And Learn

You always have two options; To step forward into growth OR to step back into safety.

In order to make a million dollars, the average millionaire had to make 10,000 good decisions. 

This does not mean the average millionaire never made a bad decision. 149 more words

Live And Learn

The Hardest Part is Putting It In Words You Can Understand

I wrote this at some point this summer. At first, it was for my eyes only. However, the closer we get to November 8th, the more sick and terrified I get. 1,002 more words

A Bit About Me

NaNoWriMo 2016

You are the first to read this: I am going to enter the 2016 National Novel Writing Month contest again. Well….it’s more of a personal challenge than a writing contest, to be precise. 31 more words

Live And Learn

How to Be an Instagram Boss: Tips and Tricks for Travel Bloggers

Unfortunately or no, being a travel writer is not just about writing recommendations of restaurants to visit while abroad or revealing personal experiences while on the road. 439 more words

Travel As Gen Y

You Are NOT Alone

Is this illustration any of you? I know I’ve been there, thought that. In all reality though- we are all in this together. This crazy, beautiful, unknown life- TOGETHER. 270 more words

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