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Reminder: Asking For What You Want Is Strong & Sexy, Not Needy

Too many ladies are afraid to speak out about what they want for fear that their partners will take it as some sort of insult or challenge which is stupid, but that’s another subject altogether. 322 more words

Live And Learn

My Biggest Fear

My biggest fear isn’t failure, it’s living an ordinary life.

I used to be terrified of failing and making myself look like an idiot, which held me back from taking risks and trying new things. 511 more words

Live And Learn

Coming Back... to Ourselves

Something lies in the depths of each of us, hibernating until we summon the courage to poke it with a stick and wake it up again. 552 more words

Live And Learn

Just Pie

I have a pie in the oven, an apple pie. It might have been my father’s favorite, but I don’t really know. He treasured all gifts–pies, cookies, golf balls, tie clips. 549 more words


Do Your Research: Why Traveling is About More than Visiting a Place

I have to admit, I don’t tend to do a lot of research before visiting a new country. I might look up the best things to do or which foods to try before I go, but much about travel for me is learning about a place from the very beginning of my time there. 581 more words

Travel As Gen Y

Stupid Purchases

I might be the queen of stupid purchases.. you live and learn. I lived & I learned, I really try to spend my money much more wisely now. 625 more words