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Life brings you all kinds of joy and happiness, when the bad days come around, don’t give up, live and learn!

by j.motivation


Self-Sacrifice VS Sacrificing Yourself

There are moments in our lives when we are told that we have to make self-sacrifices. This can include work situations, relationships, and even family obligations. 201 more words

Life Lessons

All's Fair in Love and Golf

At the driving range–
I’m swinging pretty well lately. Really, better than I ever have. Most of the improvement has come from recognizing my age and not swinging out of my shoes. 402 more words


To my daughter

To my daughter 8 years from now, I hope that when you are born you live in a world where body shaming isn’t a thing. I wish for you to be able to accept your body for the way that it develops and that you don’t allow a male or female to ever make you feel as if you’re not good enough. 310 more words

14 New Lessons You Only Learn After Completing Your Freshman Year Of College

I did it. I completed my first year at Illinois State University. After packing up all my worldly possessions my dorm room held into my car, I could already feel the nostalgia setting in. 399 more words

Here's to the Graduates

The time has come. You’ve reached the end of a chapter in your life, and you are getting ready to start a new one. Wow. I have only been a graduate once, but hopefully that will change soon (if not, I’ve wasted a lot of money). 523 more words

Live And Learn