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Be mindful 🙏

Be careful of how you handle life because when you set your intentions high and in goodness the universe allows more blessings to flow. #livelifepositive ❤

Live And Learn

Quote of the Day...

It may not be perfect, but you have one life to live. Don’t dwell and stress over the things you cannot change. Take all that energy and push yourself towards a better you. 11 more words


Ancient Wonders: Exploring the Athenian Acropolis

I’ve always been a major history lover, and one thing I greatly appreciate about travel is the opportunity to connect with other from the past. Although I had been to… 425 more words

Travel As Gen Y

Thought Loop

Oh, and babe I’m fist fighting with fire
Just to get close to you
Can we burn something babe?
And I run for miles just to get a taste… 70 more words

2 Things I Tried in 2016 That I Won't Do in 2017

2016 brought a career change: freelancing. One of the joys I get from freelancing is trying new things. Seeing what works and what doesn’t. Pretty much the second half of 2016 was trying new things. 436 more words


Things to Learn While You're Young

  • It’s okay to make mistakes…no matter what anyone says.
  • Do your absolute best and don’t give up… and you will see results.
  • Step out of your box…you’ll thank me later.
  • 50 more words