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Sibling squabbles...

I was getting ready to go to a meeting, and, like any good dog owner would do I let them out first.  And then I got them right back in again because I had no idea that the cranes were right outside behind my neighbor’s house next door.   110 more words


Let's Make Ourselves Ready to be Positive!

Sometimes, you will try to feel positive but it simply won’t work that moment. You won’t be ready for it right then and there.

Fear not – you’ll be ready for it soon, even sooner if you remain persistent and not give up. 234 more words

Law Of Attraction

Check Out My Social Media

This is my first time to blog about my social media details here. I’m not a fan of photos, so what you get on my social pages are more of thoughts and feelings. 76 more words

Live And Learn

throwback: 1998: reflecting pool

If ever there were a man who, at the age of five,
Stood-long at the wonder of morning glories
As they hung-quiet on the garden lattice; 404 more words


The Essentials in Life

The longer one lives, the more one learns. At least that’s what I hear. But this has not exactly been my experience. Some of us didn’t get that memo so we’re still learning. 597 more words


Life and Death and the Meaning of Easter

I’ve been trying to explain to the girls for the past few years about the meaning of Good Friday and Easter. Not just Jesus, but death in general. 535 more words

Country Life

Relationship Insomnia

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? The answer to that question obviously changes as we go through this thing called life and deal with the various upsets, trials and tribulations it brings.  1,125 more words

Personal Growth