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Public Shame, Private Pain

Remember the hardest days of your young life. The most embarrassing thing you did. The biggest mistake you made. The worst rumor about you. Your biggest secret that got out. 1,215 more words

Be Their Safe Place

Learning from the Day - 2

                               Taking First Step

I am always reluctant to do things which are out of my comfort zone. I try and reason that it’s not worth my time or nothing productive will happen and then do same stuff and later regret not doing it. 102 more words

Woe is Kilo

It’s been about three weeks since we touched down in Dushanbe. My job hasn’t started quite yet so I’ve had lots of time to get the house organized, sweep, play Kirby’s Return to Dreamland on the Wii, read, sweep (it’s quite dusty here), and go grocery shopping. 372 more words


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“I really love living here,” Lorna tells me. She’s American, and we’re introducing her to that South African staple: a braai.

“It’s so beautiful, and the people are really friendly!” Always a smart thing to say to the person simultaneously preparing your next meal AND juggling fiery coals. 776 more words

Live And Learn

Would you like to lose 5kg in September

Each lamp post along the main road I take from town to my home in the boondocks is festooned with a poster. And each one offers a variation on the same theme: Summer Bodies are Made in Winter. 650 more words

Live And Learn

Gardening for Butterflies

This month sees the launch of Lindsay Gray’s latest book, Gardening for Butterflies. To celebrate its release, she’s sharing a double page spread from the book with all of us lucky Live and Learn readers.

Take a look:

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