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Being a Ride or Die Chick Has No Difference From Writing “I’m a fool” Across Your Forehead

“How many burdens of his boyhood will you carry for your comfort, despite yours? How many untrustworthy situations will you jump over, with an uncertain hope that maybe he’ll grow out of putting both of you in them? 593 more words

Live And Learn

When Ignoring Becomes a Noun:

There are many unnecessary mistakes we foolishly put ourselves through–because of ignorance. When we ignore our best judgement and inner knowing.

Ignorance really just means: the state of ignoring. 12 more words

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Happily ever after...

I have a friend who has lots to say on the subject of UFOs and aliens.  He asked if I believed in them, and while I couldn’t say that I do think they are ‘real’, I certainly wouldn’t stake my life on them not being real.  348 more words


Hit the road...

So a road trip was in order.  Why not, what was stopping me?  Well, there was the credit card that was coming in the mail since my post-church stop for gas resulted in my credit card being hacked.  289 more words


Love Don't Change. We Do.

I have been in love. Though I never really understood how much that word weighed until I started carrying it in my pockets. I have marveled at how it sunk deep into my vocabulary and took over every syllable left in my mouth. 365 more words

Live And Learn

A Prayer For You And Your Scars

I hope you find someone who loves you for your scars.

Your scars are the battles you fought
alone, scared, broken at midnight
navigating the map of your lost soul, 80 more words

Live And Learn

The best laid plans...

I was supposed to wake up in a tent this morning, having spent my first night ever camping.  But this happened…There was thunder and lightning, and then the sun would come out, but only for a few minutes, and then the drama in the sky would continue.   119 more words