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Failed Character Zone: Sparkster

When bravery is not enough

All platformer heroes were not meant to be. Konami’s Sparkster made his debut on Sega Genesis in 1993 and spawned two sequels, one on Genesis and the other on SNES. 738 more words


Mini Monday: Doritos Crash Course 2

I guess a Mini Monday will be where I briefly talk about an Arcade or Network title that doesn’t have enough to review it, so here we go with the first Mini Monday. 313 more words

XBOX 360

Battleblock Theater - Part 3 - Battle Royale With Cheese - Quim vs menko

In Part 3 Quim and Eremenko bin off the co-op missions and get a amongst a bit of the rough stuff. Dropping the facade of playing as a team we dive into arena mode and kick lumps out of each other … who will come out on top the tension is …. 14 more words

Tech And Gaming Procrastination

TBoD TV - Episode 2 - More BattleBlock Theater

Eremenko and The Quim Ninja continue to do battle against the forces of purrr evil in part 2 of their Battleblock Theater mini series.

The Difficulty level ramps up in this one and our heroes find themselves struggling to avoid the pitfalls of life as a strange little animated character … also Quim gets a hilarious new head.

Tech And Gaming Procrastination

Review: Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Just a short review on a XBOX Arcade title today.

*Warning may contain spoilers*

An XBOX live arcade games set after the events of Alan Wake, our main character Alan is shown in a dark place until he wakes up in Arizona with the darkness around and taken appearing you escape to the motel to learn what’s going on and what Mr. 189 more words

Microsft to End Support of XNA Platform

On Friday, an internal email at Microsoft declared plans to phase out XNA (the development framework used by indie developers to publish their games on Xbox).  361 more words


New Stealth Game Really Came Outta Nowhere!

Sorry for the title, but it’s true! I haven’t heard anything about Mark of the Ninja. It’s from the same studio that brought us the… 235 more words

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