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Could you live below the line? That's £1 a day

Could you live below the poverty line? This campaign was made to challenge you to try living on £1 for a day to help raise money for some of the world’s poorest people… We want to help make a real difference! 203 more words

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Day Thirty

So we did it! 30 days on less than £1 a day each. The full overview of the month will be posted tomorrow, but here is how our last day has gone. 211 more words


Day Twenty-nine

Second to last day now and everyone around me today was eating cake, a lot of cake! They had all baked to be sold for the Macmillan coffee morning. 256 more words


Day Twenty-eight

Week four completed! We are now reaching the end of the month (and the total saved is really getting higher now) 2 more days, to be honest I don’t really know what to do after this: my mindset is now that I cannot justify spending anywhere near what I was before! 549 more words


Day Twenty-seven

Porridge, with a little golden syrup for breakfast with a cup of instant coffee. Routine morning now.

Lunch was much more successful samosas then we had to for yesterdays lunch. 245 more words


Day Twenty-six

Hopefully my last day without breakfast! You would think I would have got better at this by now, but I am too forgetful! I have also come to realise that a lot of my usual spending on food is due to convenience and the fact that I forget things. 349 more words


Day Twenty-five

The last Monday morning of the month! Started the day with porridge with sultanas and instant coffee again.

Lunch was the pupusas we made last night with the veg. 188 more words