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3 days down, 9 to go

We thought day one was bad, but the past two days have been testing.

It’s been really difficult to work and not head up to the cafeteria for constant breaks and treats.. 145 more words

Day Nineteen

No breakfast today. For people living in poverty, it’s unlikely to have 3 nutritionally balanced meals a day, and even days when you cannot afford anything to eat. 404 more words


Day Eighteen

Cold and rainy Monday mornings are in no way enjoyable! I have got to the point now where I can’t actually justify spending £3 on a coffee, now I know that I could feed myself for 3/4 days on that amount, but still want one as I am walking past – it’s quite confusing at this time in the morning! 234 more words


Day Seventeen

I had a meringue for breakfast and then set off to my sister’s, with a backpack full of ingredients for our meals for the day. 273 more words


Day Sixteen

We continued with the South African food this morning by making melkkos for breakfast. This is a milk (melk) based food made simply from milk, flour, butter and cinnamon sugar. 379 more words


Day Fifteen

Porridge for breakfast today, as I ran out of muffins yesterday. Porridge, sultanas, soya milk, a little golden syrup and water. Filling and more satisfying than expected the addition of the golden syrup makes such a difference. 348 more words


Day Fourteen

Week 2 – stick a fork in it, it’s done!

These past two weeks have gone so quickly! We have made and eaten a lot of different meals from Countries in which a high percentage of the population live in extreme poverty and learnt a little more about these places in the process. 370 more words