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Farmwork 3.0

Everything is going just fine and dandy. I’m picking up just shy of 30 hours a week now which still isn’t fantastic but certainly an improvement on three hours! 1,407 more words

Can you Eat Clean on £1/day, Part 3: The Eating Bit

It’s amazing how great a plate of rice and veg topped with tuna tastes when you are really , really hungry!

If you haven’t already seen part 1 and 2 and want to know what I am doing, you can catch up with them here: 510 more words

Healthy Eating Recipes

Can You Eat Clean on £1/day? Part 2 - the shopping bit!

Those of you familiar with this blog will know that tomorrow I start my Live Below the Line challenge to raise awareness and money for Oxfam. 1,231 more words

Healthy Eating Recipes

Pre-Live Below the Line Challenge Reflexions

So tomorrow morning (I started on Sunday and wrote this on Saturday oops!) I’m starting Live Below the Line, where I live in AUD $2 per day for five days to raise money for and awareness about extreme poverty. 261 more words



This is another reflexion that I wrote during the lead up to Live Below the Line.

Living in Brunei gave me some truly wonderful experiences which definitely shaped who I am today and my motivations for the future. 369 more words


Bad Food Day

I published this on my Live Below the Line Blog about a month ago as a reflexion about how lucky I really am.

I had a bad food today yesterday. 182 more words


Why LBL?

Live Below the Line is living on AUD$2 per day, for 5 days for all food and drinks (apart from water). It raises money and awareness about extreme poverty. 230 more words