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Why I ate on $1 a day

Most of you would know that this week, I’ve been taking part in Live Below the Line – a fundraising campaign that challenges participants to eat on the Australian equivalent of the extreme poverty line. 1,518 more words


Almost final (hopefully) shopping list for my Live Below the Line challenge next week...

So, I start my challenge on Monday! I’m a bit nervous, but also intrigued as to what I can come up with for £5. I was going to go to… 397 more words


Living below the line challenge - May 2017

Living below the line challenge – May 2017

I decided to take part in this challenge to experience what it’s like for people living below the line in the UK.   251 more words


EMPATHY CHALLENGE - walking for my water

For the last week of my Empathy Challenge, I walked 35 miles across the week carrying a 10kg rucksack as a way of representing walking to collect my water for the day. 843 more words


EMPATHY CHALLENGE - living below the line

Week two of my Empathy Challenge is now complete!

I’ve spent the past week doing a challenge called Living Below the Line, which involves me eating and drinking below the ‘poverty line’ (the minimum level of income deemed adequate in a country). 726 more words


Farmwork 3.0

Everything is going just fine and dandy. I’m picking up just shy of 30 hours a week now which still isn’t fantastic but certainly an improvement on three hours! 1,410 more words

Can you Eat Clean on £1/day, Part 3: The Eating Bit

It’s amazing how great a plate of rice and veg topped with tuna tastes when you are really , really hungry!

If you haven’t already seen part 1 and 2 and want to know what I am doing, you can catch up with them here: 510 more words

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