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Europa League: Round of 16 draw - As It Happened

11:47: Ok, let’s try something – live blogging the draw for the last 16. The draw will start at 12:00 GMT with, obviously, 16 teams going into the hat for the next stage of the secondary club competition in Europe. 836 more words


Yet more Oscahs 2015

9:51: Finally, an award I care about.

9:51: If anyone other than Patricia Arquette takes this home, I will be shocked. SHOCKED I tell you. 26 more words

More Academy Awards 2015

9:13: Shirley Maclaine looks pretty damn good

9:13: Why does Eddie Redmayne look confused?

9:14: Boyhood shouldn’t win because it’s the world’s longest home movie, but it will

More Oscahs!

9:10: Without that belt, Nicole would look like one, long blob of beige

9:10: Foreign Film is always such fun. The winners are always so sincere! 9 more words

More Oscahs!

8:56: Is it bad that I thought the Juliet Lewis/Ryan Philipe promo was a joke? No? okay.

8:56: Jenny, that’s a lot of look.

8:57: Let’s see, I predicted Into the Woods… 85 more words


8:49: Ladies and gentleman, Dakota Johnson. Proof that nepotism is alive and well in H-town.

8:50: Why does Adam Levine have a face that is just so smackable? 31 more words

More awards stuff!

8:47: Liam Neeson, please don’t mess with your face anymore. You’re one of the only real men we have left

8:48: Snack break