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Live Blog: Justice Department as Oxymoron

I’m going to be listening into the Oral arguments made by the Justice (sic) Department appealing the stay on the Immigration Ban.  Right now, Federal judges are hearing arguments about restoring Trump’s immigration and refugee executive order. 736 more words


Election Night Live Blog: Zen Moment Edition

Alrighty Folks!

We’re in the cultivate patience part of the evening where the vast number of precincts in bumfuck America report first. Calm down!!! No real surprises yet! 110 more words

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Live Blog: Alfred E Neuman errr Alfred E Smith Dinner

Good Evening!

Thought we’d see if any one is going to watch the annual Alfred E Smith Dinner tonight. Any bets any which way to see if… 665 more words

Just Because

Live Blog Three: He said WHAT?

I cannot believe what Trump said about Secretary Clinton. I am speechless about what he thinks about our nationwide elections brought to you by every state and county across this country to include many many many Republican elected official. 136 more words

Just Because

Tuesday Night Live Blog: VeepStakes Debate!

Good Evening!

The Vice Presidential Debate 2016 is at 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM (CT) on

Tuesday, October 4

The 2016 Vice Presidential candidate Debate is live tonight from… 697 more words

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Live Blog of the Uff Da at Hostra

Well, the fact checkers must be busy already. They started on Economics and I caught 4 lies from Trump right out of the gate. Plus, did he just ask for the reinstatement of… 88 more words

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Live Blog: NBC "Commander-in-Chief Forum"

Tonight, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will respond to questions by Matt Lauer and an audience of Iraq/Afghanistan War Vets and their families. Clinton will be up first in NBC’s… 1,071 more words

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