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Live Blog: American Horror Story, Freak Show (The CNN Republican Debates)

It’s that time again! Time for the current batch of freaks that call themselves Republican to jockey for who can be most xenophobic, woman-hating, GLBT baiting, and the one who oozes the most white privilege. 236 more words

2016 Elections

Europa League: Round of 16 draw - As It Happened

11:47: Ok, let’s try something – live blogging the draw for the last 16. The draw will start at 12:00 GMT with, obviously, 16 teams going into the hat for the next stage of the secondary club competition in Europe. 836 more words


Yet more Oscahs 2015

9:51: Finally, an award I care about.

9:51: If anyone other than Patricia Arquette takes this home, I will be shocked. SHOCKED I tell you. 26 more words

More Academy Awards 2015

9:13: Shirley Maclaine looks pretty damn good

9:13: Why does Eddie Redmayne look confused?

9:14: Boyhood shouldn’t win because it’s the world’s longest home movie, but it will

More Oscahs!

9:10: Without that belt, Nicole would look like one, long blob of beige

9:10: Foreign Film is always such fun. The winners are always so sincere! 9 more words

More Oscahs!

8:56: Is it bad that I thought the Juliet Lewis/Ryan Philipe promo was a joke? No? okay.

8:56: Jenny, that’s a lot of look.

8:57: Let’s see, I predicted Into the Woods… 85 more words


8:49: Ladies and gentleman, Dakota Johnson. Proof that nepotism is alive and well in H-town.

8:50: Why does Adam Levine have a face that is just so smackable? 31 more words