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Free Scripture card - B - Be Strong and of a good courage

Promises from the bible.

My Mum told me all the Jesus stories and I absolutely loved them. But when she told me those stories, all these years ago,  I didn’t realise that Jesus was a real person.

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Speciation is the Reason Why I Don't Want to Live Forever

An overarching theme in General Biology is gaining an appreciation for the vast diversity of life. Prevailing ideas like Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution help explain present-day phylogeny while tracing back a long history of speciation, the process by which one species splits into two. 628 more words


February 25, 2015 at 12:37PM

I loved this quote from the movie Jupiter Ascending. If we cure aging and solve all other threats to our life, then we could potentially have infinite TIME! 34 more words


February 25, 2015 at 09:53AM

A new episode of Eternal Life Conversations!

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New Video! - Death is Wrong - Hipster Rap


I know a book that every kid should read
Death is Wrong has the wisdom they need

There is nothing worse than not being alive. 273 more words


Life Extension - Why Biblical Figures Lived 100's of Years

Did figures as mentioned in the bible actually live for hundreds of years or was the reference to their age talking about something else? While I’m not one to prove or disprove the truth, I am one to speculate and postulate. 47 more words

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