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Don't Give Away the Time (Soul Space Thursday)

I like to joke that most things in life can be explained by scenes from either The Office (the American version, of course) or The West Wing. 540 more words


Divorce Journal - The Tables Are Turning

You cannot treat someone a certain way and expect them to believe your words. A reasonable person will respond in a manner that gives them the best personal outcome. 238 more words


5 Simple Ways to Make Labor Day Special

  1. Rest

Many of us have weathered the first days of the school year already, new routines and lunch boxes and pick ups and drop offs. The kids are all a little bit fried.  278 more words

Family Life

On Turning 35

So… as of today I’m halfway to 70. Distinctly mid-30s. I no longer get mistaken for a college student or part of the youth group. Bikinis will never again be my thing. 360 more words

Live Free

Divorce Journal - Trust Is An Issues

It is clear from the beginning of these recordings that I am uncomfortable sharing or allowing this much exposure to the decline of our marriage. There is so much that lies beneath the words that I struggle to share. 237 more words


Read the Fine Print (Soul Space Thursday)

Daryl and I did a crazy thing a couple of months ago. In a digitally-defined world, we subscribed to a newspaper. A real, honest-to-goodness, newsprint newspaper. 356 more words


Catch 22 (will pass)

Now I really feel like I’m on holiday- and it’s such a good feeling. It’s actually beyond ‘I’m on holiday’….I feel I could live like this – get up in the morning, run some (of my own) errands, hot yoga, home, Netflix, relax- … 283 more words

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