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Praise to Say Thank you...

***Watch as my Dancers and I worship God through dance to Trash Coobs “For Your Glory” at Friendship Baptist Church of the Colony.

The Lord calls us into acts of worship like song and dance, to show our adoration towards Him. 48 more words

There is no Condemnation Found

***The morning after my Chaplain internship interviews started out a little strange. My first customer called while I was in route demanding my location and time of arrival. 822 more words

2018 and 2019 group tour registration will soon open and the destinations are Bar-none!

Peru, Greece and Cuba.

I know you guys are just as excited as I am to offer the opportunity to discover a new culture or revisit history and create new memories with new friends too. 41 more words

Global Citizenship

15 Random Facts & Stories I Never Openly Shared.

Sharing A Few Truthful Moments Of My Life.

1.) My husband and I have the same favorite colors; Earthtone colors. Our whole house is decorated in Earthtones. 615 more words

Are we truly authentic?

“Traveller, there is no path, the path must be forged as you walk” – Antonio Machado

I think the answer we all like to believe is ‘yes, of course i am’.

1,190 more words
Life Coach

One Direction

We all need a purpose, a purpose to live, a purpose to love.

Sometimes we find ourself in middle of the chaos of life, its expectations, its responsibilities & our existence being in this world. 194 more words


Living a Transformed Life

***A Transformed mind for the Christian means to actively monitor and alter incorrect thinking patterns so that the minds dominate focus is that of which is good; lovely; or of good report, in accordance to the will of God. 765 more words