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Without Darkness There Can Be No Light - By Darren Drednok Hernandez

Without Darkness There Can Be No Light – By Darren Drednok Hernandez

Without darkness there can be no light. When we feel dark, we feel trapped. 201 more words


New Moon in Taurus – Creating Self Reliance By Simon Vorster

 As posted on Wake Up World by Simon Vorster of raising vibrations

With every New Moon and Full Moon alignment that takes place, there is always an important message that reflects to us where we are in our current evolution and exactly… 2,084 more words


Love Nudge: Start Today

Start IT Today. Whatever ‘it’ is cannot wait any longer. Take ‘it’ off of the shelf and out of the box, and put all of the excuses that you have used for delaying in that empty box. 31 more words

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Free Flyin'

I love being clean. I don’t just mean in the context of being drug free. I mean I love cleanliness. Neat freak, clean freak–yep, that’s me.  469 more words


Worthy ...Unworthy!!

One fine day it occurred to me the things, friends i have is actually worthy or not ?

Some might think that people close to them are the worthy ones but irony to this is actually “Worthy Is Unworthy”  .

216 more words

Outgrowing the box of should's - By Becky Hernandez

Outgrowing my box of should’s – By Becky Hernandez (published on Rebelle Society 2014)

Let me start by saying I am fairly new to Yoga, new to practice,new to Pranayama, new to healing, and new to this beautify and multi-faceted way of life. 977 more words