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to break free

collide with the sky, thy wings,
bitter and sweet, you taste metal,
gushing blood, velvet sparks, shattering.
one for the flight, that was your caution, 75 more words


Extra Ordinary

Like the birds in the sky
Like the fishes in the sea
I don’t have any boundaries
I cannot be captured
I cannot be caged… 145 more words


the best revenge

As of late, there have been a lot of TV shows and movies out there that seem to have the theme of revenge interwoven throughout them. 599 more words

Blog Jots

I love this and just wanted to share.

I read this article on: www.elephantjournal.com

I think its wonderful. I relate. And I just wanted to pass it along to you- all my free spirited sisters.



Love Nudge: Opinions

#LoveNudge: http://www.coached2love.com. If you don’t know both sides of the story, then you don’t know enough to give your #opinion.

Coached 2 Love

Be Free.

“It’s the pure exploration of living that allows us to expand & navigate toward higher mountains. It’s listening to the soul within your own self that guides you, to tred on, never stop learning, be open to giving, & lead yourself on the highest path to Freedom. 162 more words