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As y’all know, there are many different seasons along the journey of life. There are phases of growth and phases of learning. Times of traveling abroad and times of moving to a new place. 1,305 more words


I am on the cusp, as expectation…anticipation dogs my steps. I’m doing my best to calmly enjoy this fourty-ninth year…everything seems in slow-mo. My hair is teaching me patience with its shrinkage! 105 more words

Being Happy


The first thing thing we do is look at anything. Eyes let us see they are one of most important senses and we use sight (not necessarily perception) frequently. 450 more words

Daily Prompt.

I just can't...bottle up. 

Now I know I’m pretty fearless as regards blaaabing…I just let loose. I never really got it till basically my last post (which was pretty explicit). 282 more words


Explicit...(adult content)

Just listened to an awesome podcast (Tony Single’s crumbcast) on Intimacy and it really helped. I actually thought I was in the minority. When I was younger, I was highly sexually active…(take it as you may…FYI – I don’t mean numerous sexual partners…I mean I was the height of sexually adventurous with hubby). 194 more words

Being Happy

Man's Best Friend and the Lessons We Learn

I had a mini Schnauzer and I have to say he was the best dog. Most of time when you see pictures of people hiking with their dog it’s a big one. 648 more words


My response

My safety net is my belief in God. I’m like ‘you don’t believe…fine…I’m not asking you to…but I’m not going to stop believing in my awesome Creator’. 68 more words

Being Happy