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Not thinking out loud

It is so weird…having moments when you want to shout everything from the rooftops and moments when you simply don’t want to talk. That seems to be where I’ve been for a bit… and I like it (-ish). 162 more words

Being Happy

| the minute I started living |

The minutes I decided to start living were crucial.
I think when people imagine “living” they think of having all your ducks in a row. Having your entire life planned out and following that plan. 489 more words

Overgeneralizing is a Tool of Destruction

I was inspired today by my recent midterm experience to write this blog. Overgeneralizing has been a flaw in my life for some time now. I believe my heart is now become receptive to the meaning of overgeneralizing and how to put it into perspective. 335 more words


Three Day, Three Quote Challenge! Day #2

Hi All! I feel the first thing I need to do is apologise. I should have posted this yesterday but there is a lot on my platter right now, and I am struggling to manage it all. 218 more words


Living the Sweet and Free Life

O how I want to live the sweet and free life. But I think the more I want life to be perfect and to accomplish a bajillion things in a short time, the more my goal of a sweet and free life is thwarted. 92 more words

Wordpress 'likes' and ego trips. 

Just read this awesome post by insanitybytes22 and it has just got my goat! It’s about ‘Liking likers’. I read it and I’m like whaaaat???…a debate actually exists on WordPress about clicking ‘like’ without commenting on posts. 242 more words

All The Buzz!


‘if’ is such an interesting, hidden in plain sight word, pregnant with meaning. You can make a bucket list of ifs…playing scenarios on a reel in your head and that bucket would spill over with the possibilities you have imagined. 43 more words

Learning Curves