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Yay! My Computer is Back

It is amazing how much easier it is to blog on a computer I’m familiar with. The library computer worked great and I was so happy to use it, until I goofed and instead of copy and paste, I pasted and lost the content three minutes before the library closed. 201 more words

Jesus Christ

"It is our.... that we should treasure"

Following up a recent post I wrote regarding cleaning up our house, I came across some very insightful words about one of the hardest things to part with: those sentimental memories from our past. 211 more words


Start Living in the Present in Four Easy Steps

Written By: Kathleen Riessen

A mere month ago I couldn’t scan Facebook, open a newspaper or read a blog without reading about someone’s New Year’s resolution. 365 more words


5 Reasons to be patient (even if you're not)

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve heard the phrase “good things come to those who wait”. Do they really? Or is it that being patient means that you put something out there, wait patiently for it to yield results (which of course will happen in its own good time) and then before you know it, NOTHING has happened? 569 more words

#depression #meditation - Life is short...

Life is short. We can live it lost in our thoughts or we can choose to be present, moment by moment, watching as life unfolds around us.

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Motivational Monday: New Year

With the new year fast approaching, one can only hope for positive resolutions, great new beginnings, and the fun that the future holds in 2016.  However, one thing that a lot of us–myself very much included–are guilty of is not appreciating the present moment and all that it’s worth.   175 more words