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10 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Again

This is about you, me and many others out there who through struggle of life try to hurt themselves. It’s sad. They are beautiful people but in their darkest moments of life they cant think clearly. 743 more words


18 Things To Start Doing For Yourself

This world is a huge place. Billions of human share it together. We wake up every morning and try to make the most of the day. 752 more words


10 Ways To Forget About A Bad Memory

Have you ever asked yourself why bad memories stick with us for longer. Embarrassing moments, trauma incidents, or just some tragic story you may see on telly. 629 more words


Presents in Presence

I take a wobbly step off of the dock and onto the small boat that will take us back from Playa Blanca, Colombia to Cartagena. It’s a pretty simple boat – a few rows of bench seats and the captain’s chair. 986 more words


6 Ways To Beat Your Fears That Holding You Back

Fear is  a distressing emotion that we have when we think some danger situation is about to happen. People have different fears. It can appear in different forms. 595 more words


8 Steps To Stop Over Thinking

If you sitting alone somewhere in a coffee shop or pub or anywhere you will find yourself thinking about something. It’s amazing how humans always find something to think about. 659 more words


The Fable of The Dog and the Coconut

I am known for telling short stories, which in my own words have “no beginning, middle, end or point”. These affectionately became known as “Sabin Stories” before my former manager, came up with the genius idea of calling them Sabin Fables or Sables. 554 more words