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Orange Unicorn - Future Plans 04

I guess I broke my own rule with the colors used. Well. I guess I’ll be changing the look of the webcomic… We’ll see where it goes. 50 more words

Orange Unicorn

Uncomplicated thoughts: Fleeting

Embrace the moment as it passes…never to return the same.

Inspirational photo by Pixabay

Cluttered Closet

A Work in Progress

Isnt that what we all are?

This blog, like me, is just starting out.  A safe place where i can air my feelings, frustrations, and fears.   386 more words


Now is All the Time There Is

August 9, 2017

We have now hiked north for four months, and hiked south for one month and five days.  Each day has brought us closer to the White Mountains, a milestone in the 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  843 more words

Appalachian Trail

An Obituary to My Snapchat Account

A trusty app. Constantly crashed, but maybe that was just my phone. Loved you once but I can say that I have since moved on. Not entirely sure if you’ll be missed. 425 more words

Rachel Reacts

Why it took me Eight Months to even say the word "Mindfulness" with a Straight Face

For me, the words “mindfulness” and “meditation” always conjured up images of a room filled to the brim with people smelling of patchouli oil, sitting in a circle, and chanting in Sanscrit to the sound of a Tibetan gong. 1,001 more words


Becoming slaves to our own desires. Luke Gallagher recalls the first time that he knew he wanted to become a teacher.

As I sit in Bloomfield Restaurant having a latte with my grandparents, I cannot but reflect on my previous blog. Perhaps due to the fact that I am on holidays, I have had more time to relate my previous writing to my current situation. 367 more words

Educational Journey