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Nostalgia Must be my Middle Name!

I wanted to get some prints of my 20 month old daughter’s pictures to put up. So i happened to be scanning old folders… and guess what within minutes I started feeling nostalgic. 365 more words

Let go of the past

We have all experienced pain in some kind of form, but some of us were left with scars or mental health disorders like fear, anxiety or depression. 412 more words


Escape from this.

Life is not easy. From the moment you open your eyes till the moment you go to sleep, life presents itself in ways that may be unpredictable and uncontrollable as if it were a toddler who discovered walking. 127 more words

Carpe Diem

The long road to recovery

I first learned about love addiction from a dream I had once. You see, I didn’t trust my waking mind. I couldn’t trust my ego, because it had far too much power. 984 more words

First Nation Issues

A Path of No Regret

Should you ever decide to visit a Career Coach, one of the most likely questions that they will get you to answer is along the lines of: 597 more words

Notes to Myself

If I had only …
forgotten future greatness
and looked at green things and the buildings
and reached out to those around me
and smelled the air…

251 more words