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Happiness Is Not Found, It's Created

Sometimes it seems like humans place our happiness everywhere else but in the present moment. We even get to the point where we acknowledge that we are miserable and then tell ourselves, “I just have to get through these next few months of misery, then I’ll be happy” or “I’m so sad now but as soon as I can just have this relationship back, then I’ll be happy.” 528 more words

3 Ways to Change Your Mindset

We need to be careful of cultivating a negative mindset when we are diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. Here are three ways to start developing a healthy, positive mindset. 1,230 more words

Autoimmune Disorders

dancing with the devil on your back\\

i’m ready to shake the devil off my back. i’ve felt – for so long – that the past is something i can’t leave behind, that i have to apologize for it, or run from it. 182 more words


If You Chase Two Rabbits

“If you chase two rabbits, you won’t catch either one.”

  • old proverb


If you try to be two people at once, you won’t be a person at all. 154 more words

The Odd Bit

Deep inside

Deep inside the bright lights

Lies silence that longs to be broken,

Those faithful green eyes have never spoken.

Do not be mistaken by the confidence you see, 120 more words

6 Ways to Be Relaxed and Have a Fun Life

by Leon and Edi, 3°4

If you want to be relaxed and have a fun life, this article is made for you. Read this article, because it can you help with your life. 503 more words