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Trust the Universe

I have this playlist on my Spotify titled Soothe. Every time I press shuffle, every anxious thought calms. Emotion overcomes me. I let go. I breathe as if I’d never really taken a full breath before. 978 more words

My Connection to the Internet

It’s pretty insane how seamless the internet is woven into our lives now. We can find information about people, book extensive holidays, and complete research papers with ease. 943 more words

30 Days Till 30

The decline of Snapchat and the secret joy of internet ghost towns

Excerpt from this article:

Perhaps more than anything else, what has sucked all of the joy out of the social internet in its current form is its exhortation to be useful.

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Silence ended. Life unfolding.


When life gets busy. Or even a little bit grey I tend to shut down and hide. Fearing putting my unfinished, confusing, out there for the world to see. 164 more words


Challenge Accepted

I know this may come as a surprise, but the purpose of having a blog is to, well, blog. I know, right?? Who knew? 🤣 I’ll be spending the next 6 weeks or so (until May 1) focusing all my attention here, on my blog. 201 more words


[Tracks of Life] Intangible Line

Sore itu hujan. Dan seperti kebanyakan orang, suasana hati mendadak kelabu mengikuti barisan awan. Ada rintik air yang menyertai sekelumet pemikiran. Tentang apa yang sudah terjadi, dan tentang masa depan.

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