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The Drop - Thank the lord James Gandolphini made one more gangster movie before moving on........

HBO is running this movie. The Drop. Blue collar criminals in a blue collar neighborhood in Brooklyn. Bob bar tends in a bar that is used by the Chechen mafia as a “drop” bar. 1,339 more words

Just A Guy Getting His Hump On At The Gym


Just a guy maximizing his work out to achieve the best results. Engage the core and maintain flexibility. No need to limit the workout just to the arms when when you can air hump your way into the pussy of the hottest chick at the muscle factory.

I Hate These Drunk Assholes Who Ruined This Guys Sand Castle

Look we all get it. When you’re drunk sometimes you make a mistake. Bump a car drunk driving back home, get into a fight because you drunkenly bump into someone. 219 more words

Pro Tip: If You Want To Be A Good Assassin, You Probably Need Both Your Legs And Know How To Operate a Gun.


This could’ve been a brilliant move who ever put the hit out. Its kinda like in Smokin Ace’s if anyone seen that movie, Lazlo Soot the professional hit man. 365 more words