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Give it your all and live your best life!

I figure if we’re going to live, we might as well live well! If we have one chance, why not give it our best shot? 159 more words


Tomorrow he will die

Yes it’s true. Tomorrow he will die. It will be his last day as a living being. After tomorrow he won’t lose sleep over his daily struggles, wake up and curse another day of work, or worry about the future. 143 more words



I’m a walking contradiction and that bothered me for so long because I was concerned that other people would see me as a mess. Frankly, I do think a lot of the times other people see me as a mess,but one thing about life is that tomorrow isn’t promised and the more we spend on the hypothetical and unknown the more time we waste. 254 more words

Spiritual Growth

How It All Started?

So, this week on the 10th of August, I mark 26 years of being married to my best friend. Every year around this time Chrissy and I get asked the question, “How did you two meet?” For this week I thought I would share how we got to where we are. 1,690 more words

Self Care

Self Care is something I so passionately believe in. Whether you’re a person who blossoms in the chaos of life or a person who prefers to stick to the sides, self care is important for your own well being. 625 more words


Confession: I replaced the things that I love with Netflix. Can you relate?

Now, I know what some of you are thinking: “I love netflix, so I don’t see the problem here.” Me too, friend, me too. I’m a big fan of sitting down with a cup of tea (long live the Queen) or coffee and watching that day’s vigilante of choice kick some imaginary butt, however, there is a clear line and I crossed it. 953 more words

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I should have ran off with the circus when I was 5!

The other day when Chrissy and I went to the fair we saw a booth for bounce houses and other cool inflatables. So, I naturally picked up a brochure of their products and services. 2,429 more words

52 Week Challenge