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Afternoon Tea Moment

I’ve been excited about this since, I first laid eyes on it! I couldn’t wait for my Scottish friend to get here (she’s about an hour away.) My first “Afternoon Tea” party!! 124 more words

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self doubt

I am certain that we all have times where we experience self doubt.  The am I good enough, or the what if they don’t like me… 162 more words

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Reasons To Be Happy When Work Isn't

I recently graduated and the transition to work life is tough. Working 9 hours a day, commuting for 2, and by the time you do all your cooking and cleaning there’s barely anytime for anything else. 397 more words


Unstoppable !

Like a North Sea rolling…YOU are UNSTOPPABLE!!

As they say back home….giver!

Day To Day

A Day in Edinburgh Scotland!

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland !

The medieval Edinburgh castle is magnificent and eye catching as it strikes a pose perched high above the city sky line. 53 more words


Getting Back On Track

Aaaaannnd I have mostly survived most of February hahahaha! Goodness, I have neglected my writing and my commitment to posting, please forgive me.

I am a list writer (shout-out to you other checklisters out there!) I love how I can write out—old school with pen and paper—everything I need to do, everything I need to buy or everything I would love to start doing in my daily routine. 601 more words


Born in and part of it; my story adds to it wholeness and so does yours. Tell your story, let no one’s story enslave. When you do, will you realise the truth. 42 more words

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