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Career Lesson: Don't fear death so much but rather the inadequate life.

Looking to recruit or for a career change? Do not hesitate to reach out to us either on talgroup.net, in person at our head office, or by phone (+1 416 599 1825). 16 more words


a little somber reflection

Will you be observing the one minute silence today?

Here in the UK we have a national one minute silence to remember the 38 people killed in the Tunisia beach attack a week ago.  234 more words


Welcome Night Time Visitor

It was late, around 11.30pm and I should have been in bed a long time before this. Luckily I was not and was actually attempting to instruct a winter blow fly out of the house using the old “follow the light” trick. 115 more words

Live Life

AHHHH...Nothin' Like a Nice Walk!

Just open the front door and walk…. Couldn’t be better than that!  However, I probably should have gone while it was overcast! HA!

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The latest on my book

My book (Suicide: The Bible and Today) is now available in both forms, paperback and e-book, on Amazon & Barnes and Noble. Good Lord willing I will have copies to sell on mine own by the end of July. 38 more words


Live Beautiful !!!

Uffff !!!

As usual we end our day with boring work. Can anyone tried new things !?? .. Wait .. Plz don’t ask what is new things now ?:P We are addicted to normal life where we wake up early morning, get ready for office, work in office, back to home in the evening, eat, drink,TV, and finally sleeping… 77 more words

Live Beautiful

Are you living for now ? 

Make hay while the sun shines, the old saying goes. A modern phrase on the same value as developed by Stephen covey author of 7 habits of highly effective people is “begin with the end in mind.” 179 more words