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Stop waiting and start creating!

You can’t reach the horizon. It’s in constant movement – just like life.

In life, there is no destination, no arrival. The only destination we reach is when life is over – a.k.a.  356 more words

Create Your Life

To-Don't List

A lot of people keep to-do lists. Mostly to keep on track and make sure they get done what needs to get done, but what about things you need to make sure you don’t do. 119 more words

A Life Inspired

Life Is Beautiful! 

Today I learned that one of my former residents passed away. She was only 26 years old. She left behind a young son. Despite what was going on in her life she was extremely upbeat and always kept you smiling. 168 more words



If this life is simply a hologram, a projection of our thoughts, I think we can do better.


Life moves on my friends...So make the most of it.

As a human being, we learn to adapt to change and continue to accommodate ourselves into lives that we are happy living. We do this throughout our entire lives which includes the people who surround us. 621 more words

Live Life

Unable to work

So the other day I was in an accident at work. Spent a great deal of the day in both the ER and the clinic. I honestly thought I would be okay if I just had some help for a couple of days. 138 more words

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