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A String & Some Polaroids

This past weekend I hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail with a few buddies from my first deployment. As anyone who has gone camping with friends can tell you, eventually the subjects of conversation reach that ‘ 1,153 more words

Married Red Pill

It's Okay To Not Have A Plan

Ever-since I’ve arrived back home, I’ve felt that people have this expectation from me, a new college graduate who is also pursing a professional snowboarding career to have this grand plan. 443 more words

Be Selfish! 

Good Morning loves. Hope my post finds you doing amazingly well. If not I hope my post cheers you up.

I will be twenty seven this up coming October. 244 more words


Berbagi Cerita Soal Kereta (KRL)

Dulu waktu belum hijrah ke Jakarta, melihat berita tentang kereta ekonomi di Jakarta yang penuh sesak bahkan sampai pada berjemur di atap kereta, miris. Nggak kebayang deh kalau sekarang jadi salah satu bagian dari cerita kereta Jabodetabek. 709 more words

Live Life

I wrote the following as part of a speech I gave earlier this year.  It is a fun and relatable story, definitely worthy as an episode of life. 745 more words

Be Proactive


Just over a week ago, my beloved hometown of Baton Rouge was practically washed away in one of the worst floods in US history. My 93-year old grandmother and mom were stranded on the interstate for over 30-hours. 680 more words

Pay It Forward