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Stop Dreaming and Move #Literally

So I’m from a small town in the “boot” shaped state. *rolls eyes* I used to be in love with it until I went on this academic adventure in 2012 to Baltimore, Maryland. 498 more words


**Read it till the end to find awesomeness in you**

Disclaimer: Those madly in love can ignore this post and can come later when/if needed :D :P… 820 more words


Daily Prompt: Loop

There’s a loop in my brain

Going round and round

No beginning, no end

No solution to be found

Traveling the loop

Day and night… 39 more words


Day ONE! Ten Things That Make Me Happy

I am challenging myself to do a 30 day writing challenge, I got this idea from my Pinterest and decided this may be the best way to get over my writers block. 1,227 more words


The Real Life Story of Marshall Bruce Mathers.

These days we hear many unfortunate incidents regarding suicides. Why people suicide? May be due to stress or depression. But how they decide to quit from their life? 983 more words



Being an individual is probably the hardest thing you can be.  Yes we are all ourselves, but really, how much of our true self do we allow out into the world? 963 more words

Be Yourself