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Prom Perplexity

Junior and senior year of high school includes so many obstacles. Some of them are fun but other not so much. Prom can go either way. 224 more words

High School

Let's go get her!

In honor of throw back Thursday…. What’s your favorite childhood memory! Revisit it today!! Happy Thursday!!

Define Life Yourself

How often are you allowing others to define your life? Stop and think about it, like really think about it. Subconsciously, we all do this. We allow others to define what our success should look like, what it means to be in a relationship or what being a 20-something year old should look like. 268 more words


How Cancer changed my life

On my journey and destiny to greatness, life had to through me a curve ball which I did not know how to play. No one can ever prepare you or teach you to play this curve ball called “cancer” especially on a journey or “Destiny to Greatness”. 294 more words

Live Life

Floating away in Thailand 

Jan 5 – Jan 18, 2017. Two weeks is not even close to enough time to spend in this beautiful country. But, it is what it is and we had a blast. 993 more words

The world is filled with stories of loss and survival. Everyone has a story of their struggles, and at some point, those stories need to be told. 1,832 more words