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Live Like We're Dying - Kris Allen (Lyrics)

The lyrics tells it all . . .


Live Like We’re Dying – Kris Allen (Lyrics)

Sometimes we fall down and can’t get back up…

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The Bee 52s - Week 3

Its quiet, the sun has just risen and I have been enjoying a cup of coffee. This day is starting is off so peacefully and I’m excited about the possibilities this week has to offer. 1,322 more words

Personal Growth

Live Like We're Dying

This song has continually come on every single time I’ve put a playlist on over the past few weeks. I take that as a sign.


Live Like We're Dying

Corrie Ten Boom wrote about one of her aunts, Tante Jans, who was dying and knew it. That knowledge spurred her on to use every last ounce of her energy in service to God. 139 more words


The Numbers Game

07 July 2014

The Numbers Game

Step 1, in your head, think of the current year. Step 2, Think of the year you were born. And finally, step 3, Subtract the 2nd number from the 1st. 877 more words



We only got 86,400 seconds in a day to
Turn it all around or to throw it all away
We gotta tell ’em that we love ’em while we got the chance to say… 552 more words

Doing What Matters - Say No!

We have 86,400 secs every day to make an impact on our world and in the lives of the people around us. While a second or a minute may seem like a short amount of time, it is not. 739 more words