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Why worry about data?

Data is what makes social media thrive. When a company needs to know how well a post did, they receive data about said post. For content creators, data is their life. 235 more words


Why Live?

By Anna Mutz

Live streaming isn’t only for reporters and large news stations anymore. Live streaming is an amazing new development that allows any Facebook or Instagram user to show us what they are doing in real time. 252 more words

Live form wherever, it's any day of the week!

I’m sure you have heard of Instagram live or Facebook live. The concept is nothing new; a person in Texas can be watched in real time from my hometown of steamboat springs. 218 more words

Where to go live

By: Mackenzie Edwards

Live streaming has become a tool used on almost all social media platform. It gives the creator a different way to engage with their audience. 247 more words

Social Media

Let's Play A Net Game: Scooby Doo Hollywood Horror

Game: Scooby Doo Hollywood Horror
Creator: Cartoon Network
Released: Late 2000 or Early 2001
Play it here:
Episode 1: http://stl.dreamerstoday.com/CNGames/hollywood_horror/1.html
Episode 2: http://stl.dreamerstoday.com/CNGames/hollywood_horror/2.html

I’ve been gone for a long time without any posts or streams but now I’m hoping to get things going again. 697 more words

Web 1.0

Two guest shows in a row

It seems like I’ve nearly forgotten about this page by now, and, truthfully, I nearly have. With everything that’s going on over in the land of YouTube and Twitch, blogging seems like a past-time that borders on self-indulgence more than anything. 269 more words

Guest Appearances