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#StillATaboo - When You Go On Live TV...

The Internet gives us all a voice. A much louder, more heard voice than what we would have without it. Social media is a fantastic way to spread a message – whatever it is – and connect with people who either are spreading a similar message, or who just blow your mind that they bother spending five minutes listening to yours. 987 more words

Stillbirth : Leo

Let the Music Play!

It’s that time of year when Eurovision Song Contest hits TVs around the world. I have to admit, I’m very late to the party when it comes to the song contest. 219 more words


Michelle Wolf COMPLETE REMARKS at 2018 White House Correspondents' Dinner (C-SPAN)

This weekend there were three big things that I couldn’t escape on social media. One was The Cleveland Cavaliers first round battle with the Indiana Pacers. 354 more words

Personal Views

Hades (poem)

There is Hades’ fury burrowed into those smile lines, Black holes in your sky eyes. A micro fisherman sits in your sailboat of a smile. Your tongue, the bait. 11 more words


An Expensive Trip To The Bar But A Much Better Picture

I had a what turned out to be a very expensive trip to a bar a few weeks ago. No, I wasn’t overserved nor did I need to cab it home from a remote location. 439 more words

Business Thinking

Poetry and music in every pixel - Mahmoud J. Alkurd Gaza

Can some images change the World? I often think about this and wonder what penetrates deeper than the constant flood of catastrophe pictures that we face. 40 more words


Faint love ♥ 

Please Read while listening to a Romantic Song   ***Writing this because i miss someone I sat by the riverside,sad. I watched as it flowed peacefully southwards. 10 more words