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How to say a good "Good-bye"

So many ways to say good-bye…many actually mean “until we meet again” and several double as both hello and good-bye. Some people refuse to speak the word, some say “parting is such sweet sorrow,” some cry, some have parties, some promise to keep in touch but never do… 631 more words

First blog post

Mind blank…

Does anyone else feel like they’re bursting with ideas, thoughts and stories to write yet when it comes to the time of sitting in front of a pen and paper or a keyboard and a screen you never know where to begin? 480 more words

I Am A Passenger Just Passing Through...

via Daily Prompt: Passenger

It may sound weird to you, me saying that I am a passenger just passing through. But death and taxes are the only certainties in… 653 more words


Life, as I know it.

I hate it when someone is ahead of me, but I am happy when I’m ahead of someone. Why is that? I asked myself, what did he do? 727 more words

Live With NO Regrets...

While most people know that using a REALTOR is the most important decision you can make when buying or selling, not many people know all of the ways a REALTOR can help you avoid problems and complications you’ll have to live with for a long time. 201 more words

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Why We Should Pick Up the Broken Pieces

Yesterday, on my way back from work to home, I walked pass a slab of white board lying in the middle of a quiet alley. The board looks new and I can see the wheels marks on it, showing how it has been ran over by a car. 238 more words