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Images in Posts

Images In Posts – Sources and Methods

This is a revisit of this topic with updates and a look at how Live Writer works with the current versions of WordPress and Blogger. 1,864 more words


New PC

Patty got me a brand new Dell desktop computer, keyboard, mouse and a Samsung 27” monitor. I have never had such a large monitor before and it takes some getting used to. 73 more words

Live Writer

Offline Blog Editor ?

I just started writing a blog. I am not a blogger nor do I intend to be. But, I do write Race Reports for a few of my key Ironman races each season. 1,146 more words



My dreams are seldom spooky but some are intense. I no longer have those dreams that younger boys and men have and it is not alarming to me. 352 more words

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My 2007 Collapsed Lung

Not a happy camper at the hospital back in 2007. My lung had collapsed and that itself was a frightening experience. They had to cut between my ribs in the back and stick a one-way tube into my chest to let the air that escaped from my lung exit the cavity so there would be room left for the lung to inflate. 84 more words

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Blogging Tech–Part-II

The first part of this series focused on storing and manipulating ideas for blogging. Today, I’m going to talk about the way I write. No, not the scatter-brained stream-of-consciousness-hopping-from-topic-to-topic thing, the technology that I use. 892 more words


Windows Essentials Live Writer - An Offline Blog program that can upload at a time and date of your choice -

This is a test of my new FREE Windows Live Writer from Windows Essentials – Check it out……..

I have downloaded Windows Essentials Live Writer and installed it on my Windows 7 computer. 70 more words

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