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House Fly on Tomato Slice

Close up of a common house fly sucking up juices from a slice of tomato. It is amazing how things look up close. Get yourself a magnifying lens and screw it on a normal camera lens. 41 more words

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Getting on television

Booklet I Wrote for TV

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I can remember when a lady, Meg Cox, called me by phone and began asking questions about what I did to become as famous as I had become. 358 more words

The Way It Was

Cool as a cucumber

Patty has been cutting the skin off of cucumbers and then letting me eat the pieces that look like thick French fries. They taste so good to me and I like them as much as I like watermelon. 152 more words

The Way It Was


I was writing a piece about “Paper” for notes and how we never had any paper for writing on. What paper we got was mostly used to either start fires in the morning or to use as toilet paper in the privy that stood out back by the Concord grape arbor. 388 more words

The Way It Was

Wesley Lincoln

That is Honest Abe Lincoln, aka (also known as) Abraham Wesley Lincoln or just Abe Lincoln. I have never gone by the middle name, Wesley, in spite of the fact that John Wesley Lincoln was my grandfather and served in our Civil War. 52 more words

The Way It Was

General George Armstrong Custer

I married a “Custer” who is related to General George Armstrong Custer, and we visited the Custer Battlefield and looked down on the Little Bighorn River where thousands of so-called Indians were encamped the day George decided he could wipe them all out. 85 more words

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