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What is happening to live writer

I am wondering why Live Writer has deteriorated. 10 years ago, it was the best thing ever for blogging. I wonder what happened… Plug-ins are gone. 19 more words

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Windows/Open Live Writer Code Plugin

The Windows/Open Live Writer Source Code Plug-in for ‘Syntax Highlighting in WordPress.com hosted blogs’. It inserts the correct ‘Wordpress shortcode’ entry around your code snippet to ensure it is displayed correctly in your WordPress.com blog. 8 more words

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Connecting your Business Social Network sites

I can’t speak for everyone but over the years I’ve collected a few blogs and social networks. So I set out to clean house and set up and environment where: 202 more words

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This was a corner of my backyard years ago when I was still able to work outside. The larger bushes were removed. The lower growing shrubs and succulents are still there as is the bamboo clumps. 12 more words

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Atomic Bomb Shelter


Somebody reminded me of the days of Armageddon when the buildings in cities had "Atomic Bomb Shelter" signs at entrances to basements. Anywhere was supposed to be safer than on top of the ground. 212 more words

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Windows Live Writer Replacement - Open Live Writer

With the unavailability of Windows Live Writer for newer versions of Windows, a good replacement for it is Open Live Writer. It is a open source application which enables you to create, edit and publish blog posts. 68 more words

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Gordon had one doctor. His name was Doctor Van Pelt. He had a wife, Lillian, and a son who lived in the South. Doctor Van Pelt was almost before my time. 567 more words

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