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General George Armstrong Custer

I married a “Custer” who is related to General George Armstrong Custer, and we visited the Custer Battlefield and looked down on the Little Bighorn River where thousands of so-called Indians were encamped the day George decided he could wipe them all out. 85 more words

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Autumn Eve Lincoln

Autumn Eve was a beautiful Toy Fox Terrier with perfect ears. She came to our family after Patty saw the neighbor lady’s new dog, “Cuddles.” The two dogs were sisters, though Autumn was the largest of the two. 154 more words

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5º this morning. Lots of fine snow on the ground, leftover from the last snowfall we had. The chill makes getting some bird seed out for the bird and squirrels a real must do. 32 more words

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Baby Starlings

Today, May 26th, 2009, I was taking pictures of young starlings in the shade on the bird bath. They were waiting, more or less, for one of their parents to bring them something to eat. 165 more words

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Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole eating an orange I cut in half.

A stunning bird about the size of an American Robin is often seen high up in tall trees feeding in insects on leaves. 70 more words

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The Inner Office

This is my boss. She is very attractive young lady. She looks good on or off the telephone but I have had some withering phone calls from her and I must admit I shrunk and sweated. 219 more words

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